Case Study – Efficient Electric Heating

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I live in an area where most people have easy access to mains gas. So I was surprised to find out that well over 2 Million households in the UK cannot connect to the gas grid (source: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). To keep costs down, these households need efficient electric heating.

Relying on electricity for primary heating has a major impact on their bills. Energy Saving Trust points out that electricity cost per unit is up to three times as expensive as gas – ouch!

But new efficient electric heating technology helps bridge this running cost gap by delivering heating comfort with lower power consumption than traditional systems.

Yesterday I was delighted to get an email from one of my customers that demonstrates this perfectly. This is what Jill wrote:

efficient electric heating“I only have electricity and radiator heating is quite expensive to run.
I like the idea of underfloor heating, particularly since I sit on the floor quite a lot but its not an expense I’m prepared to go to for a house I’ll only be in for a year or two.
When I came across the RugBuddy I was interested but somewhat wary because I’d never heard of anything quite like it. After a lot of internal debate I decided to try it.
It arrived very quickly, rapidly followed by the underlay. Impressive since it was the week before Christmas!
After a few days I was even more impressed. I was sitting knitting with warm feet or lounging on the floor watching TV with the radiators virtually turned off and I’m toasty warm, there is ice and snow outside!
The short version is that I was dubious because it’s a new thing but I’m wildly impressed and would recommend it to anyone.”

The importance of efficient electric heating should not be overlooked:

  • Renewable energy from solar, wind, nuclear, is only going to be delivered to your home in the form of electricity
  • The Paris Climate Agreement is destined to severely limit the use of natural gas as a domestic fuel

I find it remarkable, and very short sighted, that current building regulations don’t insist on electric heating for new builds. One day, perhaps.

Whether this happens or not, we will continue to invest in efficient electric heating like the RugBuddy portable electric heater, and our responsive installed heaters TileWarm (under tiles) and WoodBWarmer (under laminate or wood).

We know efficient electric heating makes lives more comfortable.