Enjoy your conservatory more

RugBuddy in conservatoryDo you find you can’t use your conservatory as much as you’d like because you don't have the right kind of conservatory heater? Do cold evenings, and the winter months, drive you back inside the house?

A RugBuddy under-rug conservatory heater keeps you comfortable with warmth where you need it – under your feet. Stay warm, stay longer, throughout the evening and all the seasons.

We know conservatories are hard to heat

Conservatories are hard to heat and will never have the thermal efficiency of the main rooms in your home. But this doesn’t mean you should just move back into the house and close the door when the temperature drops.

In fact, with some help from a RugBuddy (or 2!), you can make your conservatory a comfortable space throughout the year without running up huge heating bills. RugBuddy comes in a range of sizes from 80 to 600 Watts, with running costs of 1.2p to 9.0p per hour, so you can find the perfect size for your conservatory and not worry about the bills.

"I am thrilled with the economy of it. I have a British Gas monitor that tells me how much power I am using and it’s very little." Patricia (Twickenham)

Cleverer than a traditional conservatory heater, including radiators

RugBuddy and Underlay bundleBy having the warmth where you need it – under your feet – you avoid the pitfalls of other conservatory heating options that just send warm air up to the roof!

RugBuddy gently warms the surface of your rug, transforming the feel of even the coldest floors. This means you can get that underfloor heating feeling without the disruption and expense of having a full underfloor heating installation.

In fact, with your favourite rug covering the RugBuddy, only you will know the secret of your warm floors. Now, that’s a lot cleverer than a traditional portable heater that clutters up the space, isn’t it?


Take a look here to see which size conservatory heater would suit your rug and conservatory.

RugBuddy In Numbers

Range Output: 80 to 600 Watts

Range Sizes: 50 x 100 cms to 177 x 251 cms

Only 3 mm thick!

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

30 Day No Quibble Returns Guarantee

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What our customers say

"This is the best heating system I’ve come across for my conservatory. The ceramic tiled floor is...

...lovely in summer but so cold in winter. I’ve tried a combination of heaters rugs and fitted carpet with underlay but it takes ages to get warm. 2 rug buddies are so efficient that we’re able to use the conservatory every day now. Result! I still use the convector heater but only on low."
Pamela (Cumbria)

"We are pleased with the RugBuddy. It gives a pleasant diffuse heat across our orangery."
Carole (West Mids)

"So damn impressed! I have 2 teenage girls and a Mrs so the conservatory was gonna be my room ...

...that lasted a week as they now use it as well as they love the rug."
Marcel (Slough)


With cold nights now truly upon us, it’s time to keep out drafts and cosy up at home. The conservatory – a room full of light and the heart of the home during the spring and summer months – now sits unused and unloved in many houses. This is where RugBuddy can help, providing a quick and simple way of bringing the warmth back.

Liz Cox works from home, running a small marketing business, and has a young boy who loves to play LEGO. “We have a 1980s conservatory on the back of our Victorian home that’s full of drafts and with a very cold tiled floor. In the summer, this is fine, of course, so we spend most of our weekends as a family in that room and in the garden. My son loves LEGO and we’re often found at weekends sitting on the rug in the conservatory, making space ships or train sets.

Harry playing Lego on warm rug thanks to RugBuddy“However it’s now just too cold to use at all, so I have to work elsewhere in the house. This is fine for me but when my 5-year-old son comes home from school, he loves to get his LEGO sets out and sit on the floor playing and building. Having using the conservatory for this all summer, it’s still full of his toys, so each time autumn comes around and it starts getting cold, it’s like losing one of our main living rooms.”

Liz found RugBuddy online when searching for underfloor heating, which would have involved some major upheaval and cost. RugBuddy is very simple to install; you simply lay some underlay directly on the solid floor, place the RugBuddy on top, and finally cover with your rug. Once you’ve plugged the rug in, it’s good to go! The latest version of RugBuddy also comes with a built-in RCD device for extra protection. For Liz, who didn’t want the upheaval or the mess that fixed heating would bring, this seemed like a very quick way of heating her unused room.

“What a transformation to our otherwise-cold conservatory! Our RugBuddy has been especially great these last few weeks as the weather's getting colder, since it's meant we can spend time in there in the mornings and evenings again. Our cats won't get off the floor in there either when it’s switched on. RugBuddy has great customer service, responding quickly to my question about underlay, plus following up on the sale too to make sure I was happy. We’re really pleased with the new addition to our home and are amazed at the difference it has made – we’ve got our conservatory back. So with Christmas looming, it’s going to both look and feel cosy for a change!”