Sitting comfortably warm

RugBuddy plug-in foot warmer under the rug is bliss
A plug-in foot warmer is bliss!

Do you wish you had a plug-in foot warmer, discreetly hidden from view and always ready at the click of a switch?

After all, it can be hard to stay warm when sitting down. Even in your favourite chair, with the heating on, it’s all too easy to catch the chill of floor level draughts.

A RugBuddy under-rug heater gives you warmth where you need it - under your feet - and is simple to operate.

"...this is our third purchase of a Rug buddy. As we get older, our need for supplemental heating seems to grow, and in our experience, Rug buddy meets that need very well. There is no other alternative that is so unobtrusive in use. We are fans." Stephen (Swansea)

If you don't have a rug and just want a heated foot mat, there is a simple solution.

The FootBuddy heated foot mat uses the same brilliant technology as RugBuddy and gives you an easy all-in-one solution. Sitting with a heated foot mat will warm your feet, improving your circulation and comfort.

The problem with radiators

Many of us have wall mounted radiators and rely on them to heat the whole room. Radiators work mainly through convection, heating the air that passes through vanes on the back.

The warm air rises and can make the room quite stuffy. By the time the warm air reaches the other side of the room, at ceiling height, it will have cooled a bit and sinks towards the floor.

This is how convection currents start and why you may feel draughts even with the doors and windows firmly closed. And these draughts are most noticeable at floor level, leaving you with cold feet and ankles.

The best way to solve low-level draughts is to turn down the central heating and switch on the foot warmer - a RugBuddy under-rug heater!

Not just a plug-in foot warmer. Creates an area of warmth

RugBuddy and Underlay bundleA RugBuddy under-rug heater is a source of warmth that doesn’t directly heat the air like a radiator or fan heater. Instead it warms the rug laid over it. The surface of the rug radiates gentle warmth to other surfaces around the room including your clothes and skin.

This is how a RugBuddy under-rug heater is so much more that a plug-in foot warmer. It mimics underfloor heating in the area you are sitting.

Simple on/off operation

A really nice thing about having a RugBuddy to keep you warm is that there are no fancy controls or thermostats to worry about.

The RugBuddy is largely self-regulating and all you need do is switch on when you need it, and switch off when you don’t. It’s as simple as that!

For even greater convenience you may want to consider plugging the RugBuddy into a plug adaptor:
• A remote control operated plug adaptor is ideal if your wall sockets are not at a convenient height
• A timer plug adaptor will control the on and off time each day.
These adaptors are widely available from any store that sells electrical equipment including Wilkinsons and Clas Ohlson.


Take a look here to see which size plug-in foot warmer - aka RugBuddy under-rug heater - would suit your rug and room.

RugBuddy In Numbers

Range Output: 80 to 600 Watts

Range Sizes: 50 x 100 cms to 177 x 251 cms

Only 3 mm thick!

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

30 Day No Quibble Returns Guarantee

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What customers say

"I recently bought rug buddy for my elderly father. Although he has carpet fitted in his living room he...

...complained to me he could feel a draft on his feet. Bought him some slippers but that did not solve it. ? so I looked online for some floor heating which proved to be too pricey. Found rug buddy and gave it a go. It is easy to use. Not loads of switches for older ones to get confused. And my Dad is thrilled with the nice warmth he gets from the floor. Made a real difference as he feels much more relaxed and cosy."
Karen (Warwickshire)

"Our RugBuddy is great. I use a wheelchair thus a laminated floor is easier than carpet but chilly on... feet when I am sitting in my Living room chair. The RugBuddy solves this and the Dog loves it too!!"
Steve (Essex)

"We are delighted with our RugBuddy. It makes such a difference to the comfort in our sitting room....

...It warms up surprisingly quickly and we have it on all day. My husband and I are pleased to have warm feet even when the sitting room door is left open and our dog is most impressed. We are all so impressed that we plan to purchase more to use in our conservatory when it’s built."
Mavis (Norfolk)

"I am very pleased with my RugBuddy I have been using it for just over a week it is the first time for years that...

...I have had warm feet in the evening when sitting and watching TV, I am 89 years old and wish I had heard about it before it is one of the best things I have purchased for years Thank you."
Ivor. (Powys)