Warmth without draughts

Extra floor level warmth where you need it with an under rug heaterIf the heating needs a boost, you may have considered a portable electric heater but ruled it out. After all, portable electric heaters are ugly, noisy, expensive to run, stir up dust and make the air stuffy, don't they?

Every home needs a space where friends and family gather. It needs to be welcoming, a place you can linger and feel relaxed and comfortable. Above all, it needs to be warm and cosy.

A RugBuddy under-rug portable electric heater can help you out. Unlike other heaters, RugBuddy is discreetly hidden, silent, and costs just pennies to run.

"I am thrilled with the economy of it. I have a British gas monitor that tells me how much power I am using and it’s very little." Patricia (Twickenham)

At the flick of a switch you can enjoy trendy floor heating without digging up the floor.

How a RugBuddy under-rug portable electric heater will make all the difference

Wall mounted radiators act as convector heaters. Warm air in the vanes at the back of the radiator rises, sucking in cooler air at the bottom. This flow of cool air at floor level is felt as a draught however tightly the windows and doors are shut.

Introduce a RugBuddy and you will find you can turn down the thermostat. This reduces the draughts and the RugBuddy gives you a source of warmth where you need it – under your feet.

Floor heating without digging up the floor

RugBuddy and Underlay bundleRugBuddy gently warms the surface of your rug, transforming the feel of even the coldest floors. This means you can get that underfloor heating feeling without the disruption and expense of having a full underfloor heating installation.

In fact, with your favourite rug covering the RugBuddy, only you will know the secret of your warm floors.


Take a look here to see which size RugBuddy portable electric heater would suit your rug and room.

RugBuddy In Numbers

Range Output: 80 to 600 Watts

Range Sizes: 50 x 100 cms to 177 x 251 cms

Only 3 mm thick!

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

30 Day No Quibble Returns Guarantee

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What customers say

"Thank you for the service you have provided, and my RugBuddy of course. It really is amazing....

...So much so that I sat on the floor yesterday instead of the sofa! Very cosy."
Natasha (London)

"I am very happy with the Rugbuddy. It makes our front room warmer,...

...and it is nice to have the warmth at your feet."
Sarah (S. Yorks)

"My RugBuddy is wonderful. I have never had...

...such warm feet!"
Christine (Fife)

"Thank you so much for the very prompt delivery of the rug buddy. I laid the underlay and rug buddy on my very cold tiled kitchen floor...

...yesterday, tried it out, and yes it did exactly what I had hoped, that is kept my feet warm whilst sitting at the table on my laptop."
Cherry (Newark)