Work well from home

RugBuddy working from homeA RugBuddy under desk heater - under the rug or mat your desk stands on - provides a comfortable, economical, and discreet way to keep you warm. It's a 'Personal Workspace Heater', in other words.

Having the opportunity to work from home is ideal for many of us. Especially if it cuts out a time-sapping and costly commute.

But potential savings can be wiped out by higher domestic heating bills if you don’t plan how you heat your work space.

The RugBuddy mimics underfloor heating where you are sitting, is hidden out of the way even when in use, and only costs a few pence an hour to run.

"I am thrilled with the economy of it. I have a British gas monitor that tells me how much power I am using and it’s very little." Patricia (Twickenham)

RugBuddy is a Personal Workspace Heater and your RugBuddy will soon become the best bit of office equipment you’ve ever bought!

If you don't have a rug and just want a heated foot mat, no problem! There is a simple solution. The FootBuddy heated foot mat uses the same brilliant technology as RugBuddy and gives you an easy all-in-one solution.

Stay warm, think better

We need to be comfortable to concentrate. This includes keeping warm.

Having the central heating on during the day when you’re using only one room is clearly wasteful.

The solution would be a portable heater you can just plug in when needed. But traditional portable heaters are ugly, clutter up your room, and are often expensive to run.

Is there an under desk heater with none of these drawbacks?

Traditional heaters will probably also leave you with cold feet and ankles after working for an hour or two. They don’t provide warmth where you need it – under your feet. Instead they convect, or blow, air around the room creating a stuffy environment and causing cold, floor-level, draughts.

working from home RugBuddy reveal
A RugBuddy under your desk keeps you warm while you work.

A RugBuddy under desk heater, on the other hand, gently warms the rug laid on top.

The surface of the rug then radiates gentle warmth to other surfaces around the room including your clothes and skin.

No noisy fans, no stirring up dust, and no clutter in your super-organised workspace!

Running costs

Amazingly, the running costs of a RugBuddy are les than one-tenth of the cost of a fan heater!

Compare :

• Medium size RugBuddy (generously ‘desk-sized’ at 125 x 160cm, 250 Watts) costs just 7.5p per hour* to run
• Typical domestic fan heater (3kWatts) costs 90p per hour* left running

* Based on 30p/KWh. Please check your tariff.

So, yes, a RugBuddy under desk heater really is the answer to getting you through the working day without running up a big bill.


Take a look to see which size under desk heater would suit your rug and room.

RugBuddy In Numbers

Range Output: 80 to 600 Watts

Range Sizes: 50 x 100 cms to 177 x 251 cms

Only 3 mm thick!

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

30 Day No Quibble Returns Guarantee

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What customers say

"Hi William, this is to say that I am delighted with the Rugbuddy. I have a garden office which I... in everyday. No matter how warm my office was I suffered with cold feet because of the concrete floor. Rugbuddy has done away with this."
Steve (Cork)

"My original RugBuddy is my very best friend during the cooler months and works... a dream in my garden office."
Lynda (Surrey)

"I never even knew a product like this existed until I saw this on Amazon. We have recently built me an office... the garden which is a wooden cabin. Despite installing underlay and laminate the floor was still really cold.

Putting the RugBuddy under the rug has made a massive difference to the warmth of the room as a whole as well as the floor. My dogs love it too!"

Sian (Wiltshire)

"The whole air around my desk, not just...

...under my feet, is now warm."
Sarah (Suffolk)

"I have just received my rug buddy and its working very well under my desk....

...It’s a really great product btw – exactly fills a niche demand!
Jim (Cornwall)

"My office is very cold even in the summer and I was desperate to find a solution for my cold legs during the winter months...

...They were so cold that I was actually in pain.

I had a small fan heater which I hated using because it would make the room too hot and stuffy but minutes after switching it off, it would feel like it had never been on.

I purchased the 1m x 1.5m size to fit under my desk taking the whole width of the room so that my chair would never be off the RugBuddy. All in all it covers about one third of the whole room.

I plug it in as soon as I get into the office in the morning and the floor is warm within 30 minutes.

The RugBuddy does not raise the temperature in the room which I like as being in a too warm environment makes me sleepy. It does, however, take the ‘bite’ off my legs. I am no longer in pain and can sit comfortably at my desk all day.

I should also mention that my office is the closest to the front door and the hall, although heated, is very cold. Whenever someone comes into my office and opens the door a cold breeze blows in. The room temperature drops drastically but this does not affect the floor or my legs; the RugBuddy keeps them both warm.

I am so glad I managed to persuade my boss to purchase it. This is one happy customer.

Salome (London)

Case Study - Heating a Garden Office

Kara Stanford at KMS Marketing needed to move her home office out of the house and into the summer house. That's when she got in touch with BeWarmer.

"When we decided to move my office into our summer house, the first question to be answered was: how will I keep it warm?

William was very helpful, discussing with me how best to use a RugBuddy on the type of floor we have (wood on top of a concrete base) and what size Rug Buddy and underlay would be best for the space I had and how we were going to use it.

Kara's workspace with RugBuddy under-rug heater hidden under loose carpetWhen I arrive in the morning, the temperature in my office is anywhere between zero to five degrees. I turn on my RugBuddy and my oil filled radiator. After 45 minutes the air is at 20 degrees. I turn the radiator off and leave my RugBuddy on for the rest of the day, as that is all I need. This is not only a cost effective way to heat my garden office but it is great to be able to sit at my desk and warm my feet!

I have been recommending Be Warmer and their Rug Buddies to my friends and contacts. I love the product and have been so pleased with it. William's level of knowledge and customer service is excellent. If you just need to heat one room or like warm feet in winter, then really, the Rug Buddy is for you."