Under Laminate Heating Kits for DIY

If You Can Lay a Laminate Floor, You Can Fit WoodBWarmer™ Under Laminate Heating

It's easy to add WoodBWarmer™ under laminate heating when you lay a laminate floor.

The under laminate heater sits on top of the laminate underlay, directly under the laminate planks themselves. This makes the system highly responsive and efficient.

Only WoodBWarmer™ under laminate heating kits come with a Continuity Monitor to ensure trouble free installation.

Under laminate heating being installed

  • Measure free floor area
  • Choose a WoodBWarmer™ kit that covers 70 - 80% of free floor area
  • Order online or call 0333 121 0160
  • Receive WoodBWarmer™ kit by courier (2–3 days)
  • Unpack kit and connect exclusive Continuity Monitor
  • Install laminate underlay (not supplied)
  • Install temperature probe* and lay out WoodBWarmer heater
  • Lay laminate planks as normal
  • Get qualified electrician to connect via thermostat/ controller*
  • Enjoy fast-response, controllable, under laminate heating

*Don't forget! Add thermostat/ controller/ temperature probe to order

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Here's what you get:

  • WoodBWarmer™ heater element
  • Securing tape
  • KlimaGuard™ Continuity Monitor
  • Installation instructions and user guide

Purchased separately on this website:

  • Thermostat and Floor sensor

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Under laminate or under wood heating kit

With electric under laminate heating you can banish the blues, transform your floor into a source of gentle radiant heat, and love laminate for luxury too!

Our Wood B-Warmer™ under laminate heating kit is a unique underfloor heating system with advanced, self regulating, control.  

This ensures the system operates within a range recommended by most laminate floor manufacturers.  This is very important to prevent damage to your flooring.

Our WoodBWarmer™ under laminate heating kit is an innovative underfloor heating system with an effective power output suitable to go under laminate flooring.

You can rely on WoodBWarmer™ to be the primary source of heat in your room, subject to adequate insulation and  low heat loss.

While we call it underfloor heating, it’s really ‘in-floor’.

What we mean is WoodBWarmer™ is truly part of your laminate floor installation. The unique co-axial element is the thinnest available and sits above the laminate underlay and just below the floor surface.

This makes it quick to heat up and responsive to temperature changes.

This gives you the control to heat your room only when you need to and save on your bills.

The tough WoodBWarmer™ heater mat is less than 2mm thick, is flexible, and easily taped to the laminate underlay (not supplied).

Obstacles are easily negotiated and the exclusive Continuity Monitor gives peace of mind that no damage occurs as you lay the laminate planks on top.

Do not confuse our ‘in floor’ system with traditional underfloor heating systems that have to be set in a thick screed. The properties of the screed mean old fashioned underfloor heating systems act more like a storage radiator, are slow to respond, inefficient, and often produce heat when you don’t need it.

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Installing a WoodBWarmer™ under laminate heating kit adds less than 2 mm to a floor’s thickness – no-one else can match this!

This is especially important in renovations when you want to match floor levels between rooms.

You shouldn't plan to lay heating right to the floor edge, nor under fitted cupboards or permanent fixtures like baths. Typically you will cover approximately 80% of the free floor area.

We recommend:

  • 2.9 m² (approx. 31 sqft). Room size up to 4 m².
    Total output 300 Watts. £149
  • 3.6 m² (approx. 39 sqft). Room size up to 5 m².
    Total output 400 Watts. £179
  • 5.1 m² (approx. 55 sqft). Room size up to 6 m².
    Total output 550 Watts. £209
  • 6.3 m² (approx. 68 sqft). Room size up to 8 m².
    Total output 700 Watts. £249
  • 8.1 m² (approx. 87 sqft). Room size up to 11 m².
    Total output 900 Watts. £309
  • 10.3 m² (approx. 111 sqft). Room size up to 14 m².
    Total output 1100 Watts. £355

In larger rooms 2 kits can be used with one thermostat – ask for details.

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  • Unique Generation 4 co-axial element for flexibility and lowest profile possible
  • Self regulating for economy and safety
  • 100% earth screen
  • Best insulation materials for long life
  • International Electrical Committee (IEC) compliant
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 110W/m2

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Under Laminate Heating Element