When it’s too hot for heaters…try a wildlife pond!

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Selling heaters – even one as innovative as RugBuddy under-rug heater – is always going to be seasonal. Having just enjoyed(?) the warmest June day for some time, I don’t expect to be selling many this month.

But I do have another product that dovetails neatly with my BeWarmer business. RugBuddies sell well in Autumn and Winter, while this other product peaks in Spring and Summer giving me a balanced spread of activity through the year.

In its own way, this other product is every bit as innovative and unique as RugBuddy. It is well designed, solves a problem, requires no costly installation, and has environmental credentials.

The differences are that it lives outside in the garden, is definitely NOT compatible with electricity, and is not hidden from view (unless you want it to be).

Lifepond wildlife pondIt’s called Lifepond. It’s a freestanding small wildlife pond that sits on the ground – a patio or deck are ideal – and is designed to provide a viable habitat for a range of garden wildlife.

Add water, some aquatic soil and marsh plants, and you’ll be amazed at the little creatures that will soon be calling it home! If you’re lucky the Lifepond wildlife pond may attract a frog or two, and the water can be a welcome feature for visiting birds.

Wildlife in towns and cities needs a bit of help. The Lifepond wildlife pond can really make a difference. Why not take a look?