RugBuddy & FootBuddy Reviews

All customers are invited to submit their RugBuddy and FootBuddy Reviews. Here are some of them:

“A large RugBuddy is still the best thing I have bought in a long time. Keep going.” Robert (Hertfordshire) July 2022

“Hi, William, buying the RugBuddy many years ago was one of the best things I did. At the moment we are both suffering with Covid and we have been using the RugBuddy everyday. Heating the whole house would be so silly in this situation. As the evenings get colder the RugBuddy is our first port of call.” Steve (Bristol) July 2022

“I am very impressed with the rug buddy ” Claire (Warwickshire) July 2022

“.. still very happy with the product and have recommended it to other people, my daughter has Raynaud’s disease and uses it at work and home to help keep her feet warm.” Richard (West Sussex) April 2022

“Hello, Following a back injury, I was forced to spend much of my time on the floor. The RugBuddy transformed this cold experience by providing warmth where I needed it, assisting my recovery. Now, I simply enjoy having warm feet and sitting in greater comfort. It is one of the very best investments in my health and my sense of well-being that I have ever made. It is a truly wonderful product.” Robert (Hertfordshire) February 2022

“My husband now works from home so we have converted our conservatory into his office. First thing in the morning its freezing out there, now with his rug buddy under the desk, he switches it on before he has breakfast and by the time he goes to work its lovely and warm. So much better than the radiators that take ages to warm the room especially when he only needs his desk area warm. So we must be saving money too 😁! I ordered beginning of the week and it was delivered and in use by Friday. What more could you ask for.” Suzanne (South of France) January 2022

“I am very pleased with my rugbuddy. Keeps my feet nice and warm. I am so pleased that I told my family and now they have bought one too.” Vic (Northants) January 2022

“Great product by the way. I’ve bought x2 now to custom fit my huge living room rug and also a foot buddy for my Mum this past Christmas.” Jon (Bucks) January 2022

“My wife and are are very pleased with the performance of your product and have been using it regularly.” Richard (Northants) January 2022

“I’ve now had a my Rugbuddy up and running for about 2 weeks and I am very pleased with it. I bought the largest size and I have it under a rug in a conservatory which has a concrete and tile floor and it has made a huge difference to the usability of the room. I have previously had to have a fan heater blowing out hot air but now this is relegated to back-ground heat only and the Rugbuddy makes everything much snugger. Everyone – plus several visiting dogs – have been impressed, as is my resident cat who is welded to it !” Clare (Norfolk) December 2021

“My personal experience with a RugBuddy for the last 7 years is that it has been perfect for the climate that we enjoy in Southern Spain. In our living room we have a 250watt unit and this keeps the chill off during the day and provides radiant warmth when we sit in the evening. Our main heating is via air and the difference in comfort when we have to use this, demonstrates very well the improved feeling of comfort with radiant heat.” John (Spain) December 2021

“’s fabulous. It is working as well as expected. I followed all your instructions carefully and it works superbly. The front room is where I have purchased it for, and it keeps the room at an ambient temperature all day long. Also at night we have noticed that we can actually turn the heating off at night as it gets quite warm in the room. So we are very very pleased with it. I am so grateful that someone has had the thought of creating this Rugbuddy as its the next best thing to underfloor heating. We are in a rented house so at least should we ever leave we can take the Rugbuddy with us wherever we go.” Julie (County Down) December 2021

“we are really impressed with the Rug Buddy, it has really made a difference in our conservatory, the floor is much more welcoming and the conservatory itself feels several degrees warmer. Thank you and well done.” Kevin (Wiltshire) December 2021

“Absolutely brilliant this is my second purchase. I was sceptical at first how much difference it would make . The heat that radiates from the Rug buddy makes your feet toasty & warms the room. It’s truly like underfloor heating without the expense. My cats absolutely love them too!” Caroline (Norfolk) December 2021

“Nice and warm ! Thank you. Seasonal greetings to you ! 🎄” Martin (Herefordshire) December 2021

“Since installing it yesterday, my RugBuddy is doing a wonderful job. It is making a significant difference to my living/working space.” Robert (Herts) December 2021

“We bought our rug buddy a couple of weeks ago. It is really great, now the smaller size is in stock we have ordered another one. When it was cold last week our solar panels made enough electricity to power the rug buddy. Thank you for making these, we had thought we were going to have to do some costly and disruptive changes to get floor heating in our house but now we don’t need to.” Nicola (Norfolk) December 2021

“We love our rugbuddy, we have no central heating just wood burners and the rugbuddy makes a huge difference in our house. We will be ordering more! Plus our cat adores it 🙂” Jacqueline (France) December 2021

“If truth be told you should be giving us commission because there must have been a surge in sales in and around East Lothian because of the way that we have praised the benefits of our RugBuddy! We were told about and sampled the joys of your product by a close friend and within two days we had ours in operation in our living room! Friends locally have since been in our house, felt the warmth to their toes …and then gone on to buy one. We would thoroughly recommend the RugBuddy to anyone and would give it a 5 star rating.” Anon (East Lothian) December 2021

“RugBuddy working as I intended – gently raising the room temperature – so is useful if you’re going to spend an amount of time in a specific room. Makes more sense than heating the whole flat.” Arthur (East Sussex) November 2021

“Our main reason for purchasing the rug buddy was to allow us to use the conservatory more, especially when the family arrive. It has served its purpose so far as it has taken the chill off the room and allowed us to use it throughout the past month without using our previous convector heater. It has therefore saved us money as it is much cheaper to run than the convector heater. I think when it is really cold we may have to continue using the convector but at least that will not be as often as before. It is lovely to feel the toasty rug under your feet. It was soooo cold before! Thank you” Val (Dorset) November 2021

“Excellent purchase and speedy delivery. Our rug buddy gives a lovely warming effect under the rug beside our settee….keeps our feet warm and draft free! Simple and effective.” Mark (via TrustPilot) November 2021

“The rug buddy works just fine. It can take a little while to get the full effect, but that was expected – people I know who have underfloor heating say the same – once it’s up and running it’s fine. My heating is by storage heaters and as the heat they provide winds down in the evening the rug buddy takes over and keeps me warm. Good product.” Andy (Cheshire) November 2021

“I bought a RugBuddy about 4 years ago and have just bought two more. The new ones have RCD safety features, which is great. They provide a gentle, constant heat. Ideal for use if you have excess solar. I have been running them overnight on cheap electricity on an EV tariff. Saves CO2 from our morning gas burn, and it has reduced window condensation, the house doesn’t cool as much overnight. About to install a battery, so we can run Rugbuddies constantly. Add a Smart plug to turn on with a schedule or temperature sensor. Great combo. Nice British company to deal with as well. William comes across as a nice chap.” Paul (via TrustPilot) November 2021

“I’ve purchased a RugBuddy previously and was very impressed. Just got the FootBuddy for another office and equally impressed. Do not hesitate to buy from WIlliam. His products are top notch and his service is first class.” N Greig (via TrustPilot) November 2021

“I ordered a rug buddy from you through my company a while ago. I’m really pleased with it, fabulous product.” Paul (Derby) November 2021

“The rugbuddy is working well….it’s a nice bit of warmth for the feet just in front of the sofa. It makes the room feel warmer! Thanks.” Mark (Down) October 2021

“Does what I hoped it would do. I always get cold feet when I’m sitting still at a desk all day and end up setting the room thermostat up to 26 degrees or so, as the floor area is always a lot colder, particularly in the shaded area under the desk. It means I end up with a very hot space, high heating costs and still sometimes have cold feet. The foot buddy gets the heat to exactly where I need it and not only makes my working much more comfortable but also means I can drop the room thermostat down to a much more reasonable 20 degrees or so and save a bit of money.” Benjamin (Hampshire) October 2021

“The Rugbuddy in conjunction with the thermal underlay was exactly the solution I was looking for to take the sting out of the approaching colder months. I am extremely pleased with it, as is my partner and our 4 year old ‘Hellenic stray’ as you can see from the FB posting :-)” Mark (Bucks) October 2021

“Thanks, William. I installed one under my wife’s desk yesterday and she’s already pleased with it.” Padraig (Essex) October 2021

“Your underlay arrived this morning and I’ve set up the rug buddy as planned in my caravan. I’m very pleased with it and its warmth is quite a surprise!” Judith (Dunbartonshire) October 2021

“I have been so glad of my FootBuddy lately! There was me thinking I probably wouldn’t get to use it until next winter, but my central heating has broken down twice since I bought the FootBuddy. With only one other heater, me and my cats were able to stay warm with the added comfort of the FootBuddy.” Kathryn (Cheshire) March 2021

“We’re extremely pleased with the RugBuddy,it is heating the floor exactly as planned,taking the chill of the tiled floor and would highly recommend it to family and friends.” John (Kent) April 2021

“The Footbuddy has proved to be exactly as expected and required, a low-level heat source under my desk in conjunction with periodic use of the central heating.” Mark (Surrey) March 2021

“The RugBuddy is very nice! It’s in our “Winter House” (insulated summer house/cabin) under a nice new cotton rug and it makes a big difference – toes are now toasty! They were a bit chilly before as there is insulation everywhere except under the floor which got very cold. It struggled a bit when the outside temperature was below freezing earlier in the week, but it’s great now. Makes it much nicer to be out there any weather. Thanks very much!” Ian (Cambridgeshire) February 2021

“I have my toes on it as I write! I have it in timer and it proved to be the extra boost needed last week with the freezing weather.” Annette (Essex) February 2021

“Like so many others I have been working from home so it is now a pleasure to sit at the dining room table with heat coming up from underneath – I have even removed my slippers to enjoy the wonderful warmth even more. It is true also about turning your room thermostat down. ! I am very pleased with my purchase.” Wendy (Hertforshire) February 2021

“It’s great! Cold floor (and therefore feet) problem in my otherwise warm garden office solved, and this being during a very cold snap… Thanks.” Dominic (Hertfordshire) February 2021

“I am very impressed with the rugbuddy, it just gives off a nice heat and has made such a difference.” Davie (Morayshire) February 2021

“I have been using the smaller FootBuddy for the last few weeks in my music room. This room is not connected to the house central heating and gets very cold so I have always had a problem with cold feet when practising. I now stand on the FootBuddy when playing the saxophone and also use it under the piano stool which keeps my feet and legs warm. So far it has been great, and also flexible because I can move it around, plus it is very cheap to run and I can also keep the room a bit cooler overall which feels much better. So a success and I am happy with the purchase.” Mark (Bristol) February 2021

“Dear William , we are more than happy with the Rugbuddy under rug heater we purchased , its great for keeping the feet warm and toasty in these winter nights. The instructions were clear and my wife and I were able to get it up and running in about 30 mins out of the box. We may need another one for our snug for next winter . Great product” Rudi (Angus) January 2021

“Hi William, it’s absolutely brilliant! What a great bit of kit” Paul (Shropshire) January 2021

“We love our Rug Buddies! The boys (and I particularly include the cat in that group) love the downstairs RB under their bottoms as they play, and I don’t quite know how I managed without mine in the upstairs office. The warmth under my feet as I work feels so decadent!” Simon (Staffordshire) January 2021

“It’s absolutely brilliant thank you” Graham (Cheshire) January 2021

“Day one of using my RugBuddy in my shedffice (summerhouse that has had to become my office) and I don’t want to go back into the house! Despite insulation, a panel heater and having mats down, the floor was just too cold and we’ve got a long winter at home ahead of us. One RugBuddy and a new rug on top of it – I’ve got it under my desk and it’s keeping my feet toasty and warm.” Julia (Bucks) January 2021

“Hello, am happy with my rug buddy thank you, certainly recommended ?” Justine (Suffolk) January 2021

“We are really pleased with the Rugbuddy. The cats love it too! ” Jacqui (West Sussex) January 2021

Andrew's cat enjoying the new RugBuddy“Hi Will, I think this answers your question.” (see picture) Andrew (Staffordshire) December 2020

“Hi. Just in from a boxing day walk. Warming our feet on the RugBuddy. Could not be without it. Happy New year.” Stephen (Bristol) December 2020

“We purchased the RugBuddy for our conservatory and we’re really pleased with its performance, it’s made the room feel more cosy.” Gillian (Flintshire) December 2020

“We are very happy customers, with 5 rug buddies in use now. We have ancient storage heaters which means much of our house is quite cold, and the extra heat underfoot means washing up is a pleasure, and our children love sitting on the floor and reading, playing etc. I imagine you are selling many more with folk working from home, they are ideal for warm feet under a desk, on a Zoom call- without heating the whole house. Thanks again, and I will keep recommending them.” Vikki (Devon) December 2020

Dog relaxing on warm rug thanks to RugBuddy“Hi William, it’s going great – see picture below. With the extra felt underlay you recommended, our chilly conservatory floor is now toasty enough for a Spaniel to doze on! Even weak sunshine warms up the air nicely during the day, but in winter the tile floor stays stubbornly cold (until now).” Tom (+Domino) (North Yorks) December 2020

“I bought the Rugbuddy for my lounge. I initially thought about buying the 350 watt one but was I was worried that it might not be any good and didn’t want to spend £350 on something that was useless. So I decided to buy the 250 watt 125 x 160cm at £200 and I love it. So far I have found it economical and it creates a very pleasant warmth around my feet in what is a very cold living space. I intend next year to buy the larger 350 watt Rugbuddy for my lounge and place the one I bought this year in my kitchen. I have recommended the rug buddy to everyone I know and wish I had found it years ago.” Jan (Ayrshire) December 2020

“It’s a truly “Great product” you have thanks again!” Phil (Bucks) December 2020

“We are enjoying the rug and it does definitely help keep our feet warm.” Sally (Bucks) November 2020

“Just to let you know that I love my RugBuddy! I’m a music teacher and producer who works from a studio in the garden and the RugBuddy has made my studio a much more welcoming and comfortable place to work.” Pete (Yorkshire) November 2020

“I’m enjoying the Rugbuddy that I bought and I’m thinking of getting a second one.” Eric (Malta) November 2020

“I am really pleased with my purchase! I ordered a RugBuddy for a small home office that had no link with the house’s main central heating. The online ordering process was simple, and the delivery fast and well communicated. I have installed the RugBuddy and used it for the first time on Friday as the temperature was dropping and the weather generally deteriorating into November gloom. Within fifteen minutes, I was feeling marvellously cosy and comfortable at my desk, without that overbearing, sometimes oppressive heat generated by a fan heater. I did leave the RugBuddy on for the duration of my working day and really enjoyed the gentle warm comfort it provided. At the end of the working day, when I would then leave the office room (for a weekend off), I clicked it off and will return to the room and under rug heating on Monday. I’m now looking forward to my new much cosier, welcoming home work environment. I really like the simplicity, ease and discreet effectiveness of RugBuddy! I will gladly be recommending RugBuddy to friends and family. One of my sons has just moved to a new 3-person flat and due to lockdown is working from the flat in his room, and is not keen on heating the full house whilst his flatmates are out. The RugBuddy will be an ideal solution to allow him to enjoy warmth without running up a larger heating bill for his flatmates.” Colin (Middlesex) November 2020

“I’m loving my RugBuddy and it makes a huge difference to my work environment and comfort.” Katie (Birmingham) October 2020

“Delighted with the RugBuddy. I have it on 24 hours a day, covering two square metres of my lounge, underneath the carpet, and my feet are now permanently cosy. ” David (Carmarthenshire) October 2020

“I’m loving my RugBuddy and it makes a huge difference to my work environment and comfort.” Katie (Birmingham) October 2020

“The RugBuddy has been a game changer in my garden office. Now that I’m having to work from all the time due to the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have decent heating in place. It really takes the chill out of my working space, especially on the feet. It’s not quite enough on its own, with the size that I bought, so I do use a fan heater first thing in the morning but after that the rug is usually all I need. I don’t know how I’ve ever managed without it and I’m considering getting another for my lounge. I’d thoroughly recommend the RugBuddy to everyone. ” Andy (Oxford) October 2020

“All installed and keeping my feet nice and warm!!” Paul (Derby) October 2020

“I love my rug buddy ” Polly (Surrey) October 2020

“…this is our third purchase of a Rug buddy. As we get older, our need for supplemental heating seems to grow, and in our experience, Rug buddy meets that need very well. There is no other alternative that is so unobtrusive in use. We are fans.” Stephen (Swansea) September 2020

“I have been using this product for over two months and on some days had it on for the full day. I’ve not noticed a significant increase in my energy bill, so this confirms the power consumption is very low. Customer service is excellent, with Will contacting me to ensure the purchase had been delivered. He also responded promptly when I had a couple of questions. All in all, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a practical solution for cold floors.” Theo (Manchester) June 2020

“It’s definitely improved my cold home offIce, which I am now very familiar with! I find bare feet are best :-)” John (Cheshire) May 2020

“Hi Will, We are really pleased with our rug buddy. Thank you so much for an excellent product and such speedy service. Thank you” Margie (Inverness) April 2020

“The RugBuddy has transformed my lounge area. I have a tiled floor, suffer from cold feet, and over these last two winters as I have got older, I have really started to feel the cold. This has made my lounge so much better and a pleasure to be in ? which it really wasn’t in the evenings.” Sara (Hampshire) March 2020

“It is a fabulous heater in many respects, easy to install, very efficient and warms up in a very short time. 100% recommend RugBuddy.” Nick (Neath) March 2020

“It’s amazing thank you. Glad I found you!” Ruth (Shropshire) February 2020

“Both of my rugbuddies are working great so far thanks. The cold weather has been a good test for them. We are very happy with having warm feet in our outbuilding which previously suffered from always having the heat concentrated around the celing and not where we were sitting!” Adam (London) January 2020

“I am thrilled with the economy of it. I have a British gas monitor that tells me how much power I am using and it’s very little.” Patricia (London) December 2019

“We absolutely love our Rugbuddy! Fantastic device. It’s on every evening !! Thanks.” Paul (Berkshire) December 2019

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Rug Buddy – it’s absolutely transformed our living room! Such a simple yet effective idea – well done!” Ellie (W. Yorks) November 2019

“We have an old house with expensive oil fired heating so we don’t have the heating on unless we have to. I bought a rugbuddy for the kids’ playroom as there’s no radiator and they were opting to play in the living room instead where we have a fire. The rugbuddy was easy to lay … and we already had an insulating under rug mat. … But since we’ve had it the kids have spent much more time playing in their playroom which has kept the rest of the house tidier and I’ve even found myself sitting or standing on the rug in there when I want some heat! Perfect! We’ve plugged it into a smart plug so we can turn it on and off over Alexa or set it on a timer – it works brilliantly.” Nicky (Gloucestershire) November 2019

“Loving our first rug buddy so far, warm feet at work, yum.” Chris (Midlothian) November 2019

“I love the rugbuddy thankyou what a great idea!” Melissa (Staffs) November 2019

“just to say that we love our new RB, it’s the best thing ever and keeps our old cottage warm :-)” Nick (Kent) November 2019

“:) Good effort from the cheerful UPS driver – we’re not that easy to find. The new Buddy is now installed and working well.” Julia (Ireland) November 2019

“Once again, thank you for the prompt reply – All is now in place and it is superb.
Great product and exceptional customer service. Many thanks” Jerry (Cheshire) October 2019

“Hi William, The new rugbuddy is warming up beautifully. Thanks so much” Joy. (London) October 2019

“I love my rug buddy! It wd be even better if my rug were thinner. I have to put my feet on the rug and wait a bit for the warmth to feed through. Hence the cat is not interested. But once i am installed it is delightful!” Elizabeth (West Lothian) October 2019

“I am very happy with the Rugbuddy, … Incidentally, my partner … bought one from you about five years ago, commented on how wonderful it is when there is such good customer care as you have shown. It is a real pleasure in this day and age to be attended so well, so again, many thanks for everything.” Tania (France) October 2019

“Thank you for your first rate customer service. Best wishes” Antonia (Gloucestershire) October 2019

“We are using it under our dining room table. I don’t know whether this is too much information but… We turn it on before we go out in the morning to let the chickens out and do half an hour of garden chores. When we’re back in for breakfast the dining table is then the most comfortable place in the house” Richard (Gloucestershire) September 2019

“The rug buddy is awesome.” Adrian (London) September 2019

“Had to switch on my rug buddy this morning for the first time this Autumn! Just gave me that little gentle warmth under my desk in my garden office that was needed, before the sun came through. So unobtrusive, and no dust-burning smells that I get when I put the expensive electric wall-heater on after a while. Love my rug buddy!” Peter (Surrey) September 2019

“I am really pleased with the 2 Rugbuddy heaters purchased.  They have already been put to good use in making my new attic workspace really comfortable.  The attic is otherwise unheated, although well insulated at roof level, and the under-rug heaters provide just the right amount of heat, particularly where needed at low level.  As with any underfloor-type heating they take a while to get up to temperature, but after a few hours the room temperature increases by 3 or 4 degrees C.  I have already recommended Rugbuddy to friends, and will continue to do so.  Thank you.” Dawn (Devon) April 2019

“Pleasantly surprised that my RugBuddy arrived 3 days early!  I immediately installed it under the rug in our garden room – tiled, very cold floor but which I previously insulated under the rug with foil insulation. The Rug Buddy works excellently; underfoot in socks is now very pleasant!” Paul (Durham)  March 2019

“We’ve had the RugBuddy for just over a week (some of the coldest winter days) and it is making a difference to the comfort of our chilly conservatory. ” Aileen (Cambridgeshire) February 2019

“We’re using our rugbuddy in our conservatory and it’s really effective at removing the cold area at our feet.  It’s operated on a timer smart socket so it pre-heats before we go in.  We’ve used a shaggy type rug, but not too thick or dense, (£20 in IKEA) and it takes about 15 minutes to come up to temperature.  It’s not enough to be the primary heat source, but supplements the main heater.  Very easy to install, and we also bought the non-slip underlay which works well.” Alan (Merseyside) December 2018

“I am very happy with my Rugbuddy and will recommend it to anybody enquiring about under-floor or under-carpet type heating systems. By the way I use my Rugbuddy for Yoga exercises every day and find it fantastic as it heats the body and relaxes the muscles to allow better flexibility. I spend a lot of time relaxing on it.” John (Cork) December 2018

“I bought the RugBuddy for my partner who watches TV in the unheated room adjacent to the heated sitting room. She used to suffer in there from cold feet, but now no longer. Her verdict on the RugBuddy is “very comforting”.  Tony (Devon) November 2018

“Thank you for the quick delivery of my RugBuddy and also for the advice on which products to order. I always noticed the cold air around my feet and up to my knees. I find the RugBuddy heating my rug too be a great comfort. Actually with my UGG slippers on it find it have to remove them as my feet get too warm! The under rug heat takes the edge off the cool floor. I use it alone and in addition to central heating, which can take the heat away from the lower areas of the room. I would recommend underlay which has doubles as anti slip. Very pleased with my RugBuddy and would recommend it.” Natalie (Kent) November 2018

“Yes we got it…me and the cat think it is ace….he spread eagle’s himself most evenings on his new heat space!!! I don’t use my central heating so this was to help me with some ambient heat before I put the wood burner on….I find I have used the burner less… I am also going to curtain in the area of my lounge where the rug is to keep more heat in over the winter….open plan space is quite big so this will be snuggly…. I have told many friends and colleagues about it…it has been a game changer for my heating and the way I try and save money…(having solar panels helps to make it even cheaper to run!!!) ” Karen (Derbyshire) October 2018

“I have a garden office, with wooden floor, which as the days turn chilly can take a while to warm up. With Rug Buddy under my feet, it takes off that chill, especially around the feet and legs, where the wall heater doesn’t seem to touch! Perfect solution, and you would not know it was there!” Peter (Surrey) October 2018

“The rug buddy has been great! We live in a period property with a full basement and the result is that the lounge floor above the basement is unbearably cold. The rug buddy has made a real positive impact making the large room feel cosy and we want to spend more time in there. I have told many people how great this product is. Well done and best wishes for the future.” Moira (Glasgow) September 2018

“We are delighted with our Rugbuddy. It has made a massive difference to the comfort of our sitting room. It is quite a large room – 21 ft by 13 ft, but since running the largest size rug buddy (3mx2m) under our existing wool rug, we now have a pleasant ambient warmth throughout the room. We didn’t expect it to raise the air temperature quite as much as it does. So this means I don’t have to keep turning up the thermostat and running the central heating throughout the whole house, which is wasteful and expensive.  Our whole family are feeling the benefit of our Rugbuddy, especially my husband’s 92 year old mother, who always felt cold. When we first turned it on, my husband, kids and I kept sitting or lying on it, saying ‘It’s amazing!’ We hope we can invest in another rug buddy in the future.” Annelise (Newcastle upon Tyne) September 2018

Anna's cats testing the new RugBuddy

“The new RB arrived today and was immediately subjected to animal testing:” Anna (Northumberland) June 2018 Anna went on to explain that the blanket covering the RugBuddy was a temporary measure! William

“very pleased with the rug buddy, can’t wait until next winter.” Katie (Avon) June 2018

Anna's cats enjoying under rug heating

“I read loads of reviews on the RugBuddy, but still wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As our house is a large stone colossus with cumbersome heating, the RugBuddy was bought out of a kind of despair, and with very moderate expectations. Installation is a cinch. Five minutes later the cats came in. They were clearly without any doubts about the new situation. I understand now why the reviews made such a fuzzy impression: it is very hard to explain how this product does what it does. All I can say it is wonderful! No more cold low down in the room, but without any overheating or stuffiness. Also great on chilly northern spring and summer evenings. I will very likely buy more, and hope they live long. In other words: highly recommended!” Anna (Northumberland) May 2018

“The RB has transformed our freezing floor (block and beam and engineered oak over a cellar). The room as well as the floor is now toasty warm. Added in a wireless plug to be able turn the rug on remotely and heat it before we use the room an added benefit. Curiously the combination of underlay and RB has also solved a condensation problem we have in the cellar. All round a brilliant outcome. Now thinking of where else I can put more RBs!” Sarah (Norfolk) March 2018

We were cut off for a couple of days but the Buddies kept us snug. Our new conservatory is completed and this Buddie will provide for my feet in my office section.” Robert (Argyll) March 2018[/quote]

“The RugBuddy is fab. Does exactly what was expected. Plug and go straight out of the box. No more cold toes!” Mrs W. (Surrey) January 2018

“Excellent service throughout, from ordering to using, with clear, well documented useful information at every stage. The small RugBuddy purchased provides extra warmth just where it is needed…at foot-level in-between a 3-seater sofa and long coffee table facing the TV! It was bought to help solve a problem caused by cold air still spilling down onto the floor under heavy closed curtains from an adjacent low, insulated bay-window seat ledge during freezing weather. The rug we have isn’t thick, so heat is soon radiating, but the element and connection are not bulky and only just evident to feel underfoot, and are invisible by sight. A useful ‘home-comfort’ product that’s been much appreciated this January!” Alan, January 2018

“Rug buddy in place working brilliantly !! Really pleased does all we hoped for ,room feels much cosier when it is on . Our daughters dog loves it too !” Colin (Bristol) January 2018

“I recently bought rug buddy for my elderly father. Although he has carpet fitted in his living room he complained to me he could feel a draft on his feet. Bought him some slippers but that did not solve it. ? so I looked online for some floor heating which proved to be too pricey. Found rug buddy and gave it a go. It is easy to use. Not loads of switches for older ones to get confused. And my Dad is thrilled with the nice warmth he gets from the floor. Made a real difference as he feels much more relaxed and cosy.”  Karen (Warwickshire) January 2018

“Thank you for the service you have provided, and my RugBuddy of course. It really is amazing. So much so that I sat on the floor yesterday instead of the sofa! Very cosy.” Natasha (London) January 2018

“I am very happy with the Rugbuddy. It makes our front room warmer, and it is nice to have the warmth at your feet.” Sarah (S. Yorks) January 2018

“Used it Xmas day and very pleased with it.” Luke (Sussex) January 2018

“I was very doubtful as to whether the RugBuddy would be worthwhile. Being a relatively expensive outlay I read all the customer comments before deciding to order. The delivery came next day and I installed it straight away.  What a difference it has made to our open plan, and quite draughty living area, with in efficient central heating and a modern but useless wall-mounted electric fire. It is now warm under the feet, dog loves it and I put the ‘fire’ on to just a flickering image for effect.  The RugBuddy has made our evenings much more comfortable. It is by no means a replacement heating system but I would recommend it as a supplementary source of heat. The wire is only just long enough to reach my nearest socket and has dictated where the rug can be placed, I need to buy a timer but we are very pleased with the end result.” Lesley (Devon) December 2017

“Hi Will. I have been promoting the Rugbuddy to my customers in my shop as they have been complaining of the cold in their homes. I understand a gentleman has already been in contact with you. They said that you or someone was very helpful and intend ordering in the New year.” Steve (Avon) December 2017

“I am delighted with my rug buddy, it warms up the dining end of my cottage living room.  I think I need to buy some felt underlay to go under the additional underlay that I purchased from you. It is laid on an old Cotswold flag floor ( sand underneath , no footings ) . I think a natural wool felt will be best as anything synthetic seems to draw the dampness. The rug on top is an old Persian rug. I’m planning to erect a wooden studio in my garden this spring and will certainly be purchasing another rug buddy for the studio floor. Thanks very much, a really great product.” Naomi (Gloucestershire) December 2017

“This is the best heating system I’ve come across for my conservatory.  The ceramic tiled floor is lovely in summer but so cold in winter. I’ve tried a combination of heaters rugs and fitted carpet with underlay but it takes ages to get warm. 2 rug buddies are so efficient that we’re able to use the conservatory every day now. Result! I still use the convector heater but only on low.” Pamela (Cumbria) December 2017

“Very pleased with it so far; it’s not only providing us with toasty feet but is making a significant difference to the warmth of what is a very large living room without any other heating besides a log burner.” Peter (Cornwall) December 2017

“I am delighted with the product which has made a big difference to our old stone floor living room.  It does everything that it says on the box and I would recommend it for any other potential customers.” Laurence (N Yorks) December 2017

“We are pleased with the RugBuddy. It gives a pleasant diffuse heat across our orangery.” Carole (West Midlands) December 2017

“We are delighted with our RugBuddy. It makes such a difference to the comfort in our sitting room. It warms up surprisingly quickly and we have it on all day. My husband and I are pleased to have warm feet even when the sitting room door is left open and our dog is most impressed. We are all so impressed that we plan to purchase more to use in our conservatory when it’s built.” Mavis (Norfolk) November 2017

“The rugbuddy has done wonders in warming my freezing bedroom above a garage. I use it beneath my bed. I used to get all stuffy while sleeping in my room as the single radiator wasn’t enough to warm the room. With the rugbuddy I have been sleeping comfortably. The right amount of heat just where it is needed.” Janice (London) November 2017

“The RugBuddy is brilliant so far. As mentioned on phone – my office is an uninsulated shipping container. With the RugBuddy it’s so much cosier now. Thank you!” Josh (E Sussex) November 2017

“I’m very happy with the Rugbuddy.  It takes away the cold from my wooden floor and feels cosy on my feet. So glad I bought one.” Sarah (Herts) November 2017

“What more is there to say?  Pippin is RugBuddy’s number one fan!” Mavis (Norfolk) November 2017

“We are now enjoying the new comfort of warm feet thanks to RugBuddy. It was, indeed, simple to set up having arrived carefully packaged.” Mavis (Norfolk) November 2017

“Rugbuddy going fine, the other half is very happy with it, so very positive and for the winter months ahead.” Joel (Essex) November 2017

“The Rugbuddy arrived last week and is now installed in our living room. We are very happy with it so far!” Paul (Malta) November 2017

“Very pleased so far. So far the room is gently warm (without the woodburner on) and there appears to be no significant rise in our electric consumption .” Frances (Devon) November 2017

“Just to add… it was sooooo warm in there last night that Harry didn’t want to go to bed. We’ve set a timer on it now so it comes on in the morning and again late afternoon ready for post-school playtime. Probably going to cost us a fortune but it’s a lovely little room that’s the brightest place in the house, so we’re now going to get blinds and ‘cosy-it-up’ even more! Lovely ☺” Liz (Surrey) November 2017      BeWarmer says: It won’t cost Liz a fortune! Estimated 9p per hour for 150x230cm RugBuddy.

“All set up and warm underfoot :-)” Gabriele (Cambridge) November 2017

“just to let you know I now have two rugbuddys  and they are the best room heaters we have ever brought I have been able to turn the main heaters down by 2 degrees has the rugbuddy makes the room a lot more cosy, I would recommend your rugbuddy to every one. excellent product.” Dennis (Birmingham) November 2017

“Your Rugbuddy is a fantastic product. We have one in our lounge and we’ve yet to turn our central heating on this Autumn.” Andrew (Northants) October 2017

“Hi William, this is to say that I am delighted with the Rugbuddy.  I have a garden office which I work in everyday.  No matter how warm my office was I suffered with cold feet because of the concrete floor.   Rugbuddy has done away with this.” Steve (Cork) October 2017

“Just want to say how delighted we are with the Rugbuddy, almost makes me kind of look forward to winter!! It’s not cold enough in Devon to have it on yet but had a trial run with a timer the other morning and it was just wonderful to come downstairs to a warm rug under the kitchen table. Only one draw back, could not get the dog off the rug and into the garden!! Going to save up for one in the sitting room now.” Julie (Devon) October 2017

“Our RugBuddy is great. I use a wheelchair thus a laminated floor is easier than carpet but chilly on my feet when I am sitting in my Living room chair. The RugBuddy solves this and the Dog loves it too !!” Steve (Essex) October 2017

“I am very pleased with my RugBuddy I have been using it for just over a week it is the first time for years that I have had warm feet in the evening when sitting and watching TV,  I am 89 years old and wish I had heard about it before it is one of the best things I have purchased for years Thank you.”  Ivor. (Powys) October 2017

“We are really happy with it.” Lesley (Bedfordshire) September 2017

“Our RugBuddies received in good order and easily installed under-rug directly on top of tiles, in the conservatory.” Tertius (Wiltshire) September 2017

“It is a great product and works well. I have attached it to a time/thermostat bringing it on early morning to take chill off lounge without need for central heating.” Robert (Argyll & Bute) September 2017

“All is fine with our rugbuddys thank you. Just as additional information – the way we have ours it’s quite unique and works a treat. Basically had two taped down over carpet underlay and then carpet fitted over. When rugbuddys are switched on over time, the whole room – quite a large one – heats up wonderfully – both warm and comfortable to the extent I’ll be ordering a few more very soon in time for the proper winter.” Nadeem (Sheffield) September 2017

“…it’s in our caravan. I just hoover under it occasionally and we have continued to use it on the colder evenings and mornings at the caravan as it gives a lovely cosy background heat. The lounge area is open plan so this works great with or without the central heating on in the caravan. You may also like to know that we have recommended it to other caravanners and to friends who have cold rooms. We have also given it positive feedback on Amazon.” Frances (Stirlingshire) September 2017

“Great seller, William sends an email with lots of additional information and the product is perfect for keeping toes warm during cold weather.”  Michael (Surrey) August 2017

“I am a returning customer and this is my second RugBuddy. My original RugBuddy is my very best friend during the cooler months and works like a dream in my garden office. This second one is for my partner’s new workshop and I have no doubt that he will kept be just as snuggly warm as I have been!” Lynda (Surrey) July 2017

“Fitted in motorhome under carpet on insulated floor. It is great – no more cold feet in winter when on site electric.” Ken (Leics) June 2017

“Yes we are very pleased with your RugBuddy and plan to buy more when we have decided on what rugs to buy.  A brilliant idea especially for bedrooms with no heating.  The instructions were clear and informative and only took a few minutes to set up.  I couldn’t believe how quick it all came as well.” Claire (Devon) May 2017

“I am very pleased with the Rug Buddy, it works well and makes a huge difference to the ambient warmth in the room.” Gilead (London) May 2017

“I never even knew a product like this existed until I saw this on Amazon. We have recently built me an office in the garden which is a wooden cabin. Despite installing underlay and laminate the floor was still really cold. Putting the RugBuddy under the rug has made a massive difference to the warmth of the room as a whole as well as the floor. My dogs love it too!” Sian (Wiltshire) March 2017

Marcel's dog

“Thought you’d like to see this! Rugbuddy been on for an hour…we can’t get him outta conservatory these days….was like a fridge before! Suggest you re-name it dogbuddy!”Marcel (Slough) March 2017

“Absolutely brilliant!” Christopher (Angus) March 2017

“We had guests coming in for Christmas and were worried that the tiled floor in front of the seating area would be cold even with mats.   The Rug Buddies were a huge success and have been well received by all our recent guests.  We dropped in on some recent guests in the February half term.  They had just come back from a long walk and the three children and their dog were all stretched out on the rugs – enjoying the warmth from the Rug Buddies.   It was great to see !” Eirwen (Powys) March 2017

“I am very happy with the rugbuddy , it is being used in a conservatory which has a tiled floor and was cold underfoot, I am pleasantly surprised with the difference now. Thank you.” Andrew (West Midlands) March 2017

“So damn impressed! I have 2 teenage girls and a Mrs so the conservatory was gonna be my room ….that lasted a week as they now use it as well as they love the rug.” Marcel (Slough) March 2017

“We have had a conservatory for 12 years and come mid October- March, it was “out of use”…..what a waste of space! I ordered a rugbuddy this December and now can use it in conjunction with a small portable oil filled radiator. Wished I had got one years ago!! William was extremely helpful as I had a few questions and he came back very quickly. It really is a great bit of kit to have and you MUST use the underlay recommended for it to work effectively.” Marcel (Slough) March 2017

“This is a excellent product the warmth that comes up from the rug is great would recommend this.” Dennis (West Mids.) February 2017

“Thanks for completing the order so quickly. My RugBuddy arrived yesterday within two working days and adds a level of comfort that even after just two days of use I would not want to miss. Installation was straightforward and my high-pile rug heats up within 15mins.” Tim (London) January 2017

“The whole air around my desk, not just under my feet, is now warm.” Sarah (Suffolk) January 2017

“We have been using our rug buddy for a few days now and are very happy with it.” Callum (Bournemouth) January 2017

“These heaters work extremely well on these cold tiled floors – the difference is amazing !” Alan (Portugal) January 2017

“Thankyou ! Have a good new year! Great customer service btw. Feel free to have the evening and tommorow off :-)” Jay (Northampton)  January 2017

“Thank you to William who emailed me promptly. As he noted that I live in Spain, he took the initiative of putting a two pin plug on the RugBuddy for me. Saved me a lot of faffing about this end with adapters etc. He also included full instructions for use so that I could prepare things before it arrived. Heater arrived before due date and missed delivery was dealt with courteously by William.” Mary (Malaga) December 2016

“My friend Jane told me how good her RugBuddy was so I got one myself. I live on a boat and I had a hot head and cold feet in my living room. RugBuddy has been a huge help. Once it’s warmed up, sitting with my feet on the rug keeps them toasty! I even sat on the warm floor yesterday to sort out some paperwork. I like it so much so that I’ve just ordered another for my study.” Tania (Watford) January 2017

“Good morning William, Just a note to say how delighted we are with the “RUGBUDDY”. We have it in our lounge on a tiled floor. Before installing your “RUGBUDDY”, our feet and ankles were cold and uncomfortable. Now we enjoy toasty warm feet. Thank you.” Derek (Brittany, France) December 2016

“Very many thanks for my rug buddy it is wonderful! This is my third one and I love them!” Tania (London) December 2016

“My RugBuddy is wonderful. I have never had such warm feet!” Christine (Fife) December 2016

“We tried the RugBuddy at length on Saturday night while using our conservatory. We found it made a significant difference to the temperature of the rug (and subsequently our feet), while not appearing to be very warm to the touch. I think I was expecting the actual heater to be much warmer to the touch than it was, but both my wife and I were surprised how it changed the feel around the area of the rug.” Alan (Nottingham) November 2016

“I received the Rugbuddy today and wasted no time in getting it laid under my rug! It has made a big difference and I am much more comfortable and my feet are warm! Thank you so much for the prompt delivery, great customer service and a great product!” Pam (Lancs.) November 2016

“It is working wonderfully and does just when the descriptions on the web says it will do. The air space is warner and the rug is so warm the cats have come home and now refuse to sit on our laps for warmth. What a great device.” Peter (Kent) November 2016

“Tried out the RugBuddy, first in the conservatory for a short while.  It’s now in the study under the desk and seems to work fine. Now thinking about a maybe a couple more for the conservatory.” Denis (Lincs.) November 2016

“Really pleased with the rugbuddy we purchased. Even with this colder snap it is performing well! We are thinking of buying another for the other side of the conservatory..” Tim (Beds.) November 2016

“I’m really pleased with the Rug Buddy, so much so that I’m thinking of buying another for the much larger rug in the same (very cold, very big) room.” Fizz (Sheffield) November 2016

“I have just received my rug buddy and its working very well under my desk. It’s a really great product btw – exactly fills a niche demand!” Jim (Cornwall) November 2016

“We live year-round on the island of Menorca (Spain) in a house without central heating and with tiled floors. The RugBuddys we have in the sitting and dining rooms (both on time switches) keep the areas very comfortable – it feels just like underfloor heating! For extra heat we also have a wood burner. We have now ordered more RugBuddys for use in other areas of the house.” Rosamund (Menorca) November 2016

“Hi William,  Everything is up and working beautifully, just in time for the cold snap that has just started! My feet are toasty warm and my aircon heater doesn’t have to work quite so hard to get my office up to a comfortable temperature.  Many thanks for your guidance on this, great product and great service, keep it up.” Lynda (Middx) November 2016

“I have just installed your RugBuddy in our conservatory and left it on all night to come down to a lovely warm rug and a highly acceptable ambient temperature, just what we wanted. The underfloor anti slip matting is an excellent idea. We very simply flipped up the rug over the sofa, positioned the anti slip mat where we needed it and laid Mr. RugBuddy over the top, laid back the rug, plugged it in and bingo. Within an hour we were feeling the effects and within 2 hours I had other up members of my family sitting on the sofa watching news at 10!! A first – I wonder why. Great product you deserve to do well.” Keith (Surrey) October 2016

“Hi William, I’ve loved my RugBuddie this winter. I have it under my desk and I often don’t need to put my heating on at all. The only problem is sometimes my feet are a bit cramped as the two chihuahuas I often look after take up all the space!” Faye (London) July 2016

“We bought the Rugbuddy for our two berth caravan and have just returned today from a 3 day break in Holmfirth. The weather was not very kind to us, not unusual for this time of year, but the Rugbuddy served us well, with no need for any additional heating. It was just the right width to fit in the seating area, so we had nice warm feet too?. Thank you.” Sue (W. Yorks) March 2016

“We have installed the rug buddy and took your advice and ordered the 7mm underlay which came within 24hours! The heater is under a wool carpet 1.7 by 2.7 meters and it raises the floor temperature by on the tiles floor of a conservatory. It works very well raising the floor temperature to around 27C changing the comfort level dramatically and greatly reducing the need for heating. Many thanks.” Michael (Worcs) February 2016

“RugBuddy performing well in my hallway to dry the wet rug footprints!” David (Swansea) February 2016

“I am pleased with today’s warmth, when the room reached a comfortable temperature by the two heaters I use and the rug buddy had warmed up, I was able to turn one heater off, and the room kept a constant temperature all round, were as before the temperature was 5 degrees colder at floor level, so no more cold feet.” Carol (Southampton) February 2016

“Our Rugbuddy really came into its own with the cold weather. I have been joining the cats on the floor. They have been like slugs, refusing to move!” Emiko (London) January 2016

“We are really happy with the two RugBuddys. We now have happy staff as their feet are nice and toasty warm. Quick and easy to install. We will be ordering more shortly.” Ron (Kent) January 2016

“A really pleasant addition to our lower floor lounge room as the central heating heats the air which rises to 2nd and 3rd floors from the ground floor. This previously left us sitting with cold legs on the ground floor and is now a much more pleasant place to sit in the cold evenings with the rug buddy under the carpet in front of the sofa on the ground floor. A much better alternative than installing underfloor heating which would have cost thousands.” Sol (London) January 2016

“I am very happy with my rugbuddy system and it has certainly kept my 3 yr old son’s bedroom nice and cosy this winter so far.” Priya (West Midlands) December 2015

“..thanks a lot for the advice. I bought a rug buddy last year for my living room and have been using it again for the couple of last days. It is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to getting another one for my quest room. Happy Warm Christmas!” Hannamari (Strasbourg) December 2015

“..the rug did warm up and the heat was lovely – so much better than a conventional heater. It worked perfectly in our very cold studio.” Julie (Cambridge) December 2015

“We bought our first RugBuddy last year and use it in our conservatory. This latest purchase is for the living room. We live in a 1930’s semi with high ceilings and stripped floorboards so the RugBuddy is a good solution to combat the cool air at foot level.” Steve (Swansea) November 2015

“RugBuddy plugged in and keeps the chill off beautifully. Dogs love sprawling on it, so it’s definitely warm, without being hot to the touch. Makes a big difference in the bedroom and I use it on a timer to switch it on before getting up or going to bed. Far better than the electric radiator that it replaced.” Kathy (Hants) November 2015

“I have a cinema purpose built in the garden although it has insulation and heating the floor gets cold in the winter l have installed it under the rug and the floor there is lovely warm.” Ryan (Kent) November 2015

“We are sitting in our caravan tonight Friday in Grantown on Spey temperature 0 deg and our feet are very cosy it is making a real difference in the caravan ,I will be recommending your product to our caravaning friends as this is a great addition to our heating ,that’s works well . Thanks.” Walter (Banffshire) November 2015

“FYI, we are very pleased with the RugBuddy!” Deepak (West Midlands) October 2015

“Thank you so much for the very prompt delivery of the rug buddy. I laid the underlay and rug buddy on my very cold tiled kitchen floor yesterday, tried it out, and yes it did exactly what I had hoped, that is kept my feet warm whilst sitting at the table on my laptop.” Cherry (Newark) October 2015

“It has made a huge difference to the warmth in our home.  At last I have a cosy sitting room!” Jo (Kent) October 2015

“Hi William Thanks for the advice re underlay.  I have wool felt underlay already under our rugs, which are on wooden parquet floors. I bought a Rugbuddy from you last winter and really liked it and have decided to get another larger one in our front room,  as we seem to get cold and draughts round my feet, inspite of double glazing.  We’re in an Edwardian house with high ceilings and poor insulation.  The builders say to have underfloor heating fitted we have to take up the lovely wooden parquet floors, to which my husband said “never”.  I found out about the Rugbuddy I think by searching on the Internet about underfloor heating if you have antique floors which you want to keep,-retro-fit under floor heating I think you called it. I have found the Rugbuddy useful in various ways -in Autumn and Spring -I use it on its own when sitting still , rather than heat the whole house. When it’s really cold in the winter, I find the Rugbuddy keeps my feet warm and supplements the gas central heating, with high ceilings the floor is cold and the heat from the radiators rises.” Marjo (Bristol) October 2015

“This is a good product and seems to be working well” Jo (Kent) October 2015


“Last year I purchased a RugBuddy for my 85 year old mother. Upstairs would get too hot from the central heating, so she would open the windows and leave the thermostat on high. I put the RugBuddy on a timer so it comes on early in the morning to warm the living room and it turns off in the early evening, just before she goes to bed. I turned the central heating thermostat down, so upstairs no longer gets hot. The RugBuddy costs are the same as running 3 light bulbs – a lot less than having the thermostat up high and heating outside! I have just ordered one for myself, as we need to heat our front room more than the rest of the house. We find this room is always cold, and we don’t want to put the wood burner on as it gets too hot (except in winter). This is a simpler way to warm one room without turning our central heating thermostat up so the wrong rooms get warm.” Frauke (Hants) May 2015

“Rugbuddy installed yesterday in our summer house. After an hour running off a solar battery system, house and I felt much warmer. Will be able to enjoy my hobby room for more days during the year. Thanks again for the great service.” Andrew (Sussex) February 2015

“I’ve had them on today, they’re really good.” John (London) February 2015

“The order was swiftly supplied. The kit is very straightforward. I fitted the Rugbuddy onto a piece of underlay – also supplied – taped down the leading edge onto the floor as I fitted it under my desk. I then placed a fitted piece of non-slip carpet over it in the legwell of my desk and plugged in. I now have warm feet instead of icy blocks under my winter work place. The heat is quite low but I can feel it through the soles of my shoes. Ideal!” Mike (Truro) February 2015

“Just a quick e mail ,,,, have just got the rug buddy and fitted it ,,,, well plugged it in ,,,, this is a great product ,,,, and one happy customer ,,,, thanks.” John (Malvern) February 2015

“Thank you for the swift service. Got some 11mm PU underlay as advised and the difference is fantastic. At last warm feet. My only regret is not discovering this earlier.” Mr Brown (Leicestershire) February 2015

“We are DELIGHTED with our two RugBuddys! We live all the year round on the island of Menorca in the Med and, although we don’t suffer long severe winters, for a couple of months it can get cold (3 -4 deg C), especially at night. Our house like many others of its age, was originally built as a vacation home. It is not properly insulated and does not have full central heating. We had installed electric radiators to assist the very efficient wood burner. Our problem was the tiled floors which were always cold and, even with rugs down, we were not comfortable. A South African friend recommended your product which they had used in South Africa and brought with them when they moved here. Since using the RugBuddys – which we have on timers – we have warm feet and have not had to use the electric radiators at all. Despite the ambient temperature in the room sometimes being lower than usual we are much more comfortable with heat from the floor up! For my part – being able to take my slippers off at breakfast is a real treat!! We have recommended RugBuddy to friends and I know for certain one of our neighbours ordered theirs immediately and they are also very happy! The real proof will be when we compare our electricity bills with those of previous years.” Ros (Menorca) January 2015

“We are very happy. We moved into a very cold house. We turned on the gas fires and radiators but it made little difference to the temperature so we tried with one rug buddy in the bedroom. This worked well enough that we ordered two more and now the house feels homely even though the temperature outside has dropped. I am a complete convert to rugbuddy’s – they create warmth you can feel rather than it disappearing through walls.” Kevin (Essex) January 2015

“Yes the RugBuddy is proving to make a big difference in my pottery work shop. The difference is that the warmth is to my feet ,yet is not enough to circulate the air , carrying the dust with it.” Sue (Devon) January 2015

“We are very pleased with the RugBuddy. We found it easy to lay out under the existing rug and the performance is very good with the room becoming more than comfortable after about half an hour. We now find that we have four cats lying in various poses across the rug during the evening so they also appreciate the warmth.” Stephen (Oxfordshire) January 2015

“They’re an exceptional way to take the icy chill out of larger rooms without having to turn on the central heating and the cost of running the 450 Watt units is very low considering how well they work. Highly recommended for anyone needing a low cost, low energy solution. I’ve boxed that electricity guzzling space heater and will be donating it to a local charity shop.” David (London) January 2015

“Thanks for the RugBuddy this is great and the 2nd one we have had from you..” Steve (Nottinghamshire) January 2015

“We are very pleased with the RugBuddy and have recommended it to several people and handed the information sheet on.” Richard (Menorca) January 2015

“I bought a rug buddy to use in the conservatory. Now I have an all year round playroom for the kids! I loved it so much that I bought another one for the living room. I also found that I turn the heating down as its so lovely and warm sitting and playing with the children on the floor. I have told all my friends to get one – brilliant product.” Mrs C. (Surrey) January 2015

“What a difference the RugBuddy had made. It’s turned what could be a cool unwelcoming room into a cosy living space. As it provides background heat in our main living area I’ve also noticed that the central heating had been on less.” Kerry (Conwy) January 2015

“I am most satisfied with my RugBuddy. Not only does it keep my feet warm (it is in front of the couch), but the ambient temperature of what was a chilly room, noticeably improves when the RugBuddy is switched on.” Antonia (Nottinghamshire) January 2015

“..the RugBuddy is working perfectly for it’s purposes! It’s–you may remember–spread out under the rug which runs under my office chair and work table. I have warm feet in winter for the first time in years. And I’m warm when working. I leave in on all the time, as my office is a rather lovely but north-facing room, and the RugBuddy maintains a much warmer than usual ambient temperature. Of course, I don’t know yet what my electricity bill is going to look like, but I think that whatever, it’s worth the price.” Carolyn (Warwickshire) January 2015

N.B. RugBuddy only costs a few pence per hour to run and so Carolyn needn’t worry!

“Hi, it’s fantastic and we have started using our once unused diningroom. It’s a big room and the rug buddy warms it really well. A fantastic low cost solution. Thanks.” Jane (Hertfordshire) January 2015

“We’re really pleased with the rugbuddy and cats absolutely love it‎.” Sam (Surrey) January 2015

“I have it under the dining table in my conservatory and it has made a huge difference.  I never expected it to heat the room, and it doesn’t, it just makes things very comfortable underfoot and with auxiliary heating to initially heat the room it stays on whilst we are eating.   Before we had cold feet and condensation on the floor.  Now feet are lovely and warm but not too hot.  Unfortunately the dogs (2 Labradors) love it so it is a struggle when the rug buddy is switched on to remove them from under the table where they are spread-eagled.   I used the hard floor underlay as you recommended and it works perfectly on my flooring, laminate on concrete.”  Lesley (Nottinghamshire) January 2015

“We are thrilled with the two rugbuddies which you sent us so efficiently and so quicly and in our living room of 12x4m with a max ceiling height of 4.5m. We have a happy constant temperature of 19C without our convector heaters operating. The temperature outside at the moment is -8C. We are really very pleasantly surprised!” Susan and Elizabeth (French Alps) December 2014

“My office is very cold even in the summer and I was desperate to find a solution for my cold legs during the winter months.  They were so cold that I was actually in pain.  I had a small fan heater which I hated using because it would make the room too hot and stuffy but minutes after switching it off, it would feel like it had never been on. I purchased the 1m x 1.5m size to fit under my desk taking the whole width of the room so that my chair would never be off the RugBuddy. All in all it covers about one third of the whole room. I plug it in as soon as I get into the office in the morning and the floor is warm within 30 minutes. The RugBuddy does not raise the temperature in the room which I like as being in a too warm environment makes me sleepy. It does, however, take the ‘bite’ off my legs. I am no longer in pain and can sit comfortably at my desk all day.  I should also mention that my office is the closest to the front door and the hall, although heated, is very cold.  Whenever someone comes into my office and opens the door a cold breeze blows in.  The room temperature drops drastically but this does not affect the floor or my legs; the RugBuddy keeps them both warm. I am so glad I managed to persuade my boss to purchase it.  This is one happy customer.”  Salome (London) December 2014

“Was an early purchaser of two 1.2 x 1.7  Rugbuddies in  mid October  2013…   They are  still happily warming a barn gallery and a  house sitting room,lying  on insulating  underfelt  on wooden elm floors, under large loose rugs; and the family have been very pleased  with them.  .. have  just  now ordered two 1.0 x 1.5 ones.”  Penny (Herefordshire)  September 2014

“Earlier this year I ordered some under rug heaters from you. At the time I said we’d probably order some more if they were effective.  I’m happy to say they are and I’d like to order … again.”  Maire (Galway) September 2014

“I placed my order successfully. Thank you so much for your help! You are very helpful. Great online shopping experience ever :-)”  Asako (Ireland) September 2014

“We bought it to heat the area under our dining table (in a small kitchen extension where the rest of the room is heated by our AGA) so it works perfectly as flexible source of heat as and when we need it. A great product and truly exceptional service… and we’ll be placing an order for another one soon…. My Dad is also now considering getting one for his conservatory…!” Sarah (Sutton Coldfield) September 2014

“The (RugBuddy) is now providing a lovely warm glow … and it couldn’t have been quicker or easier to install.” Kevin (Otley) May 2014

“Really pleased with it, works perfectly in our motor home. Thanks.” Ken (Wellington) April 2014

“The rug buddy is installed under my desk in the office. During the winter months it has been brilliant and kept the office warm and cosy which it certainly wasn’t before I bought the rug buddy. It has meant that instead of putting the heating on this has not been necessary at all during the working day. Really pleased I bought the rug buddy.”  David (Taunton) April 2014

“The RugBuddy is well established in our ground floor apartment in Chamonix which is at 1,000 meters and gets quite cold in the winter. In fact we still have a bit of snow outside. We are very pleased with it and have passed details on to friends both in Chamonix and the UK. It is really very snug and our wall mounted electric radiators do not need to be switched up so high so it is difficult to work out the running costs. I keep it switched on 24 hours a day and it keeps the chill off at night or when we are out and have the radiators turned down. It is certainly a great idea, a very simple concept, easy to use and easy to install. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.” Regards Warren (Chamonix) April 2014

“From the number of people I have been talking to, I think that you might get a few more orders from Spain.” Robert (Costa Blanca) April 2014

“Hi William, Just switched it off after our second family lunch in our conservatory.  It’s normally an unheated space so we also run a dehumidifier beforehand plus some space heating to dry the space. The gentle rising heat at our feet works so well for all especially our over 80s and 90s. We have a large rugbuddy that works for our groups of 12 We are very happy with our purchase. Now we have to sort out how to keep the conservatory cool in the summer. . .” Regards Iain & Rachel (St Albans) January 2014

“Hi William Thanks for the email. We have ours laid on a carpet under a rug in our lounge (with a conservatory roof) and it has made a real difference to the room. We all love ‘chill in’ on the rug and sometimes have move off it because your bum can get quite hot on it! LOL Love it! Love it! Love it! Saving up for another one to put in the kitchen extension now.” Best regards Juliette (Nuneaton) January 2014

“I am very happy with my rugbuddy …  i will definately be ordering the runner for my kitchen, i have told people on my caravan park about them as they are perfect for static caravans.” kind regards, Lisette (Bognor) January 2014

“Hi William I’m delighted with it. My friends are all impressed with how warm the rug is…. Thanks” Karen (Cardiff) January 2014

“Dear William,  I would like to cover the whole floor in rug buddies! I will recommend them to my friends when I remember, particularly the interior designers. I must say I like the personal service and your willingness to help. I am really glad to hear things are going so well. With best wishes for 2014,” Georgianna (Aylebury) January 2014

“I’m sitting on the rug doing a jigsaw with my young grandson right now. It is lovely and warm and cosy on the floor!” Hilary (Peterborough) January 2014

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their RugBuddy Reviews.

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