If you want to use your conservatory more but can’t heat it properly – here’s hope!

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Building a conservatory has long been a popular way to add an extra room.  Most love the natural light and feeling of airiness you get in even the smallest conservatory.  With no need for planning permission (usually), and a quick build time, costs are minimised making it more attractive still.

But the UK love affair with conservatories literally ‘cools’ when the weather takes a turn for the worse or the balmy summer day turns into a chilly evening.  The simple fact is that most conservatories have poor insulation properties.  Even with the best materials, the way conservatories are built mean that heat has many routes to escape.

So do we just accept we can’t use the conservatory all year round?  Not if we take advantage of what’s on offer at BeWarmer Ltd.

It’s no surprise that the smartest conservatories always have underfloor heating – there’s a good reason for this.  Having a heat source in the floor gives you warmth where you need it and because the floor radiates heat upwards your body absorbs this and you can be comfortably warm even if the air is cool.  Because retrofitting underfloor heating is not an option in most conservatories we have developed RugBuddy – a heater mat that sits on the floor which you then cover with a rug.

The heater conforms to all safety requirements for domestic appliances, is fitted with a standard 3 pin plug, and gives you that underfloor heating feeling without having to dig up the floor.

A common mistake is to extend the house central heating and have a radiator in the conservatory.  Radiators swirl warm air up to the roof and you’re left with cold feet and draughts at ankle level.  This turns out to be very wasteful of the energy used and it’s hard to get truly comfortable.  Also, as you might want to heat the conservatory when the house heating isn’t on, e.g. on a cool summer’s evening, it’s easy to see that a conventional radiator isn’t the best option.

In contrast the radiant heat you get from a RugBuddy under rug heater is more effective.  You can extend the season you use the conservatory and enjoy sitting long into the evening when in the past you would have retreated into the main part of the house.