Anti-slip and Anti-creep Underlay for Your RugBuddy

When choosing an underlay for your RugBuddy, (a rug underlay is sometimes called a ‘Rug Pad’), there are two issues to consider:

  • Safety – important in all situations
  • Thermal insulation – essential on cold tiles, stone, and concrete


Safety – rugs can be a hazard if they ruck-up or slip on the floor surface beneath.  For this reason an anti-creep or anti-slip underlay is essential under the RugBuddy.

In most situations, unless your floor is very cold, this is all you need.

Top Fleece II rug anti-slip underlay

For the UK we recommend Top Fleece II and you can add it to your order* here:




UK Only – Select and Add to Basket

EU Only - Anti Slip Underlay

For the EU market we have an all-purpose underlay which you can add to your order* here:



EU Only – Select and Add to Basket


* The underlay may be delivered separately from your RugBuddy.  Please allow up to 7 days for delivery, but it will usually be much quicker.

Thermal Insulation – on very cold un-insulated tiles, stone, and concrete, it is important to have a thermal underlay under the RugBuddy.  Without thermal insulation the heat will soak into the floor and the RugBuddy will not warm up properly.  At the moment we don’t supply this type of underlay.

Felt carpet underlay works well and is not expensive. There’s a good range here .  I recommend 28oz wool felt as it is only 8mm thick. You can buy a roll or half roll, but you will need to cut, trim and (possibly) tape pieces side-by-side to suit your rug. (I’m not connected with this company in any way).

See for more options.