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Electric Heating 
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Why Floor Heating Gives Most Comfort

Floor Heating

Gentle Radiant Heat:
No Draughts

Keep warm with gentle radiant heat from under your feet, leaving the air un-stuffy and draught free.

This is MUCH more comfortable than the stuffy head/ cold ankles feeling you get with radiators.

No Draughty Radiators

Hidden From View:
No Ugly Radiators

Imagine being able to place your furniture where you want.

Floor heating gives you this freedom, with none of the clutter you get with wall mounted radiators or portable heaters.

Save Heating Costs

Cut Energy Bills

With floor heating so close to the floor finish - tiles, laminate, wood, or even your favourite rug - you can be sure of a quick warm-up.

On-demand floor heating means you save on your bills.

It's Easy to Get That Underfloor Heating Feeling

With BeWarmer products you get all the comfort of traditional underfloor heating with none of the drawbacks.

  • On-floor, 'just plug-in', RugBuddy® under-rug heater - safe to place on tiles, wood, laminate and carpet. Convenience, comfort, low running costs. Warmth where you need it most.
  • In-floor ColdBuster™ kits for the keen DIY-er. Under tiles, laminate or wood. Install above the insulation and just under the floor finish for quick warm up times and low energy usage.

RugBuddy® On-Floor Under-Rug Heater

Under Rug Heater
Breakthrough RugBuddy® on-floor under-rug heater!

Simply plug-in to enjoy that ‘underfloor heating feeling'.

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Under Ceramic or Under Tile Heating

Under Tile Heating Kit
TileWarm™ high output in-floor heating kit.

Goes in the tile cement under ceramic tiles. NO SCREED NECESSARY.

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Under Laminate or Under Wood Heating

Under Laminate or Wood Kit
WoodBWarmer™ self-regulating in-floor heating kit.

Goes on top of underlay and under laminate or wood flooring.

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William at BeWarmer

William Haseldine

William Haseldine is a chartered engineer who, as Managing Director of BeWarmer Limited, scanned the international market and couldn’t find another under rug heater as reputable as RugBuddy®. 

As a result of this quest William has become an expert in on-demand floor heating and saving on heating bills.

William has been interviewed on BBC Radio 2 and appeared in other media talking about RugBuddy® and the cost savings possible with on-demand floor heating.

What Customers Say

A much better alternative than installing underfloor heating which would have cost thousands. Sol (London)

We are really happy with the two RugBuddys. We now have happy staff as their feet are nice and toasty warm. Quick and easy to install. We will be ordering more shortly. Ron (Kent)

Really pleased with it, works perfectly in our motor home. Thanks. Ken (Wellington)

This is a good product and seems to be working well. Jo (Kent)

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