Saving on Energy Bills with RugBuddy

Having a RugBuddy where you spend most of your time means you can save on your heating bills. The RugBuddy is designed to be an efficient form of ‘secondary heating’.  You still need your ‘primary heating (usually central heating) but you can turn down the thermostat when you’re enjoying the warmth from the RugBuddy.

Energy Saving TrustThe Energy Saving Trust calculated that for every one degree you turn the thermostat down you will save £80 per year (2017). Imagine the savings today!

Our tests have shown RugBuddy customers are comfortable with the central heating thermostat turned down by up to 3 degrees which means a saving of well over £200 is possible!

Of course, the RugBuddy itself uses electricity so what does it cost to run a RugBuddy?

The Rugbuddies are rated at 125 Watts per Square Metre.  So the smallest RugBuddy is just 80 Watts, the 1.25 x 1.6m is 250 Watts and 2.3 x 1.6m is 450 Watts.  These are nominal values but give you the idea that running costs are similar to switching on just a handful of old style lightbulbs.  And, of course you’ll only need the extra heat a few months in the year!

UPDATE OCTOBER 2022: Please multiply the figures below x3 for approximate current running costs.

RugBuddy Size Watts Evenings in front of the telly!* Home Office**
0.5 x 1.0 m (1’8” x 3’3”) 80 1.2p per hour £1.08 per month £2.08 per month
1.25 x 1.6 m (4’1” x 5’3”) 250 3.8p per hour £3.42 per month £6.65 per month
1.77 x 2.51 m (5’10” x 8’3”) 600 9.0p per hour £8.10 per month £15.75 per month
*3 hrs per night **175 hrs per month

The unique feature of RugBuddy is that the element (a clever multistrand coaxial cable) is self regulating. This means that as temperatures increase in consumes less power. So, in practice, the cost to run RugBuddy under rug heating is less than the lightbulb equivalent as it is unlikely to be running at full power for long.

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