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Useful tips and information relating to electric under floor heating

The Room by Room Heating Revolution

The Room by Room Heating Revolution Efficient on-demand heating and the switch from gas to electricity (Extracts from my talk at The National Self Build and Renovation Centre 9th October 2016) Electrical heaters are broadly 100% efficient whereas gas boilers are less so, but inefficiencies of central generating plant and transmission losses mean that gas […]

Electric Blanket for the Floor

When describing RugBuddy I find people ‘get it’ when I say it’s like an electric blanket for the floor. It’s an electric element encased in a sandwich of composite materials – silver foil on the underside to reflect heat up, and a woven plastic material on top. This makes it far more robust than in […]

Under Desk Heater

The RugBuddy makes an excellent under desk heater of course.  Many of us work from home in our home office or even at the kitchen table! It’s usually not viable to run the central heating when you’re the only one in during the day.  What you need is an under desk heater like RugBuddy as […]