The Father’s Day gift that will boost his hobby or craft

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Here’s a Father’s Day gift that won’t be for everyone, but will be hugely appreciated (and unexpected) by Dads with hobbies.

workshop floor heatingAsk yourself: is his shed, hobby, or music room, a little unwelcoming? Maybe there’s no heating, or the floor always seems cold?

RugBuddy is the perfect Father’s Day gift that will transform the place – without taking up space! – and will make the room far more welcoming.

It’s well understood that you need to be comfortable to be able to concentrate. Sitting, or standing, over a concrete floor can never be described as comfortable.

If you’re going to get cold, it’s generally the feet that feel it first. And then you wish you had a foot warmer!

So it makes sense to have somewhere warm to sit, or stand, and that the source of warmth should be the floor itself.

music room floor heatingIt’s so easy! You lay the RugBuddy heated floor mat on the floor (see advice about rug underlay), cover with a rug or mat, and plug it in.

Very quickly the surface of the rug will be a similar temperature to underfloor heating, and contentment will reign!

Because it’s on the floor under a rug, the RugBuddy under-rug heater takes up no space – no clutter. So the room can continue to be laid out just how he likes it – “a place for everything, and everything in its place” as he (probably) says.

And here is what 2 of my customers say:

“Yes the RugBuddy is proving to make a big difference in my pottery work shop. The difference is that the warmth is to my feet ,yet is not enough to circulate the air , carrying the dust with it.” Sue (Devon)

“I am a returning customer and this is my second RugBuddy. …. This second one is for my partner’s new workshop and I have no doubt that he will kept be just as snuggly warm as I have been!” Lynda (Surrey)

If you think this is a great idea for a Father’s Day gift, please go here.

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