Guests this Christmas? 5 ways to avoid crowded house stress

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Having friends and family over for Christmas is a great tradition. What could be more heartwarming than a house full of your nearest and dearest enjoying festive cheer?

Guests this Christmas play games in a room warmed by a RugBuddy under rug heater

But when there’s not enough room for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves, the perfect get-together can quickly unravel because of crowded house stress.

Show you are the perfect host by giving your guests this Christmas the space they need.

These 5 space creating tips make it easy for everyone to get along!

  1. Make an unheated extension room, or conservatory, warm and welcoming with a RugBuddy under rug heater. If you’re lucky enough to have this extra space – use it! Switch on the RugBuddy (it’s a bit like a heated floor mat) and people will think you’ve got under floor heating. It only costs a few pence per hour to run – a fraction of other portable heaters.
  2. Make sure you have enough chairs. It’s tiresome to stand for too long, or only be offered the choice of a sofa arm or the floor, to sit on. If your guests are driving to you, ask if they have folding chairs they could bring. It’s the season of goodwill so beg, or borrow – just don’t steal!
  3. Give your guests places to put their things where they can be confident they’ll find them later. This means taking a few minutes to clear surfaces and to free up some hanging space; by the front door for coats, and in a wardrobe for glam Christmas outfits.
  4. When guests are staying over they will undoubtedly bring with them a bag or small suitcase. To avoid floor clutter why not invest in a folding suitcase rack for that authentic guesthouse experience?
  5. Decide who gets the put-me-up or sofabed. Assuming this is in communal space, you need to think who is most likely to go to bed last or get up earliest. It’s probably not Granny – but it may be you.

There’s no time like the present to make sure you’ve thought all this through. Why not start by taking a look at how a RugBuddy under rug heater can transform a cold room into a place where guests this Christmas will want to linger.