RugBuddy Under Rug Heating in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal

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RugBuddy under rug heating with 2-pin euro plug for Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway and SwedenYour house, holiday apartment, chalet, or villa,  is probably crying out for a RugBuddy® or two.

Those lovely cool floors are fabulous in the midday heat but can lose some of their appeal out of season, or on chilly evenings.

A RugBuddy under-rug heater is a heated floor mat you place under a rug. It provides a discreet and economical way to heat your villa, apartment, or holiday home.

Be sure to include a UK to EU 2-pin plug adapter with your order, so that your RugBuddy can be plugged in straightaway.  Each RugBuddy has a UK 3-pin plug fitted as standard but the adapter means it is safe to use in any country with European Schuko 2-pin electricity sockets.

Delivery is within 3 - 5 days to most European destinations. Please allow a little longer if ordering a bundle with underlay. The delivery cost will adjust itself as you enter your address.

If you've just landed on this page you may want to read the main RugBuddy® Under Rug Heating page first.

Already very popular in the US and South Africa, RugBuddy® has now been developed for European markets and meets all safety standards.

This RugBuddy Under Rug Heater is the perfect cure for cold feetRugBuddy® under rug heating is exclusively sold online in Europe by BeWarmer Ltd.

Robust, and economical in use, your RugBuddy® will give many years of comfort and pleasure. It’s the ideal ‘retrofit’ source of secondary heating for most rooms.

RugBuddy® will:

  • *Bring warmth to otherwise cold floors
  • *Give additional warmth to sitting and dining areas (it's OK to place tables and chairs on top)
  • *Be always ready at a flick of a switch

You need some sort of underlay, or rug pad, under the RugBuddy® – see RugBuddy® FAQs.

We aim to keep these sizes in stock to suit most rugs*. For large rugs why not place two RugBuddies side-by-side?

  • *50 x 100cm, (20 x 39 inches) 80Watts £119
  • *50 x 150cm, (20 x 59 ins) 90Watts £129
  • *50 x 200cm, (20 x 79 ins) 120Watts £139
  • *100 x 150cm, (39 x 59 inches) 180Watts £159
  • *100 x 200cm, (39 x 79 inches) 250Watts £189
  • *125 x 160cm, (49 x 63 inches) 250Watts £189
  • *130 x 220cm, (51 x 87 inches) 350Watts £227
  • *150 x 230cm, (59 x 91 inches) 450Watts £257
  • *177 x 251cm, (70 x 99 inches) 600Watts £297

*Your rug should be at least 5 cm broader overall than the RugBuddy®.

REMEMBER - there is no additional cost to add a UK to EU plug adapter to your order. Then your RugBuddy will be ready to be plugged in straightaway.

RugBuddy under rug heating packagingRugBuddy® can be laid on all floor surfaces and is perfect for tiled floors.

Please note that underlay is strongly recommended in all situations and essential on hard floors such as tiles, wood, laminate, and vinyl. Read the reasons why here.

On carpet and other insulated floors, including most wood/ laminate/ tiled floors, all you need is standard anti-creep or anti-slip underlay.

You may already have rug underlay. If not, add it to your order today.

If you have a ‘floorboard and joist’ floor read this first.

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Delivery is within 3 - 5 days to most European destinations. Please allow a little longer if ordering the bundle with underlay. The delivery cost will adjust itself as you enter your address.

Buy RugBuddy using the calculator above or via the main RugBuddy® Under Rug Heating page.


Range Output: 80 to 600 Watts

Range Sizes: 50 x 100 cms to 177 x 251 cms

Only 3 mm thick!

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

30 Day No Quibble Returns Guarantee

5 Star rating on Star Reviews

Enter your rug's size and we’ll work out the RugBuddy and underlay size for you.

Best Fit RugBuddy

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All Surface Underlay – Highly Recommended

Works on Hard Floors:
..And On Carpet!:

Please note:
- Rug must overlap RugBuddy
- Underlay can be trimmed with scissors to suit rug

(It takes a few seconds to work out - don't click away!)

What Customers Say

"These heaters work extremely well on these cold tiled floors – the difference is amazing !" Alan (Portugal)

"Good morning William, Just a note to say how delighted we are with the “RUGBUDDY”. We have it in our lounge on a tiled floor. Before installing your “RUGBUDDY”, our feet and ankles were cold and uncomfortable. Now we enjoy toasty warm feet. Thank you. "Derek (Brittany, France)

"We live year-round on the island of Menorca (Spain) in a house without central heating and with tiled floors. The RugBuddys we have in the sitting and dining rooms (both on time switches) keep the areas very comfortable – it feels just like underfloor heating! For extra heat we also have a wood burner. We have now ordered more RugBuddys for use in other areas of the house." Rosamund (Menorca)

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