Looking forward to Winter? You soon could be!

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window looking out on snowOut of all the seasons, do you look forward to Winter the most? Or do you dread it?

What would it mean to you if, this Winter, you could

Be warmer at home?
Have lower heating bills?
Look after your health better?

The solution is straightforward and cost effective. This blog post explores what you need to consider so you, too, will be looking forward to Winter - just like Katie:

“very pleased with the rug buddy, can’t wait until next winter.” Katie (Avon)

Take a look at your existing heating

Do you rely on wall mounted radiators, or convector heaters, or even fan heaters?

All of these - if working efficiently - can quickly warm the air in the room. That's great, but warm air brings its own set of problems.

  1. We all learned in school that hot air rises. So, the warmest air in the room is at ceiling height, and the coolest is at floor level. If you're sitting down, you are, of course, much closer to the floor than the ceiling.
  2. The air is continually on the move creating convection currents which add 'wind chill' to the cooler floor level air. When you start to feel cold, do your feet and ankles feel it first? This can be down to blood circulation but it feels much worse if there's a cold draught at floor level.
  3. The warm air picks up moisture which can turn to condensation when it comes into contact with cold surfaces. Single glazed windows and uninsulated exterior walls are often much colder than the rest of the room in Winter and condensation can quickly form.

Convection draughts leave you with cold feetSo, heating the air and moving it around the room via convection or fans actually isn't very clever.

It may leave you uncomfortable with cold feet and ankles.

It can be expensive to run, which is not surprising when you realise most of the warmth is above your head.

Health-wise, it carries dust lowering the quality of the air you breath. Coupled with that, condensation can promote the growth of mould which can have a serious impact on your health.

A better way to heat your room

The answer - as it has been since Roman times ( Roman floor heating ) - is to turn the floor into the source of warmth for the room.

Making the floor a 'radiant surface' puts warmth where you need it - under your feet - and doesn't impact on air quality. With a floor gently radiating warmth, other surfaces quickly warm up and you feel warm. You can read more why this is in my blog post the Science of Feeling Cold.

Underfloor heating achieves all this and is a feature of most luxury homes.

But traditional 'wet' underfloor heating is difficult - and expensive - to retrofit. Plus it's complicated, requires regular maintenance (boiler, valves, pumps, manifolds, and 100's of metres of pipe), and can also be unresponsive and wasteful to run (heating a mass of water and concrete screed before heating the room).

Modern electrical 'in-floor' heating that sits just under the floor finish is very responsive, can be fitted when you change floor coverings, and can be tailored to only be on when you need it, making it cost-effective to run.

But if retro-fitting underfloor heating is not an option, the best thing is to reduce your reliance on your main heating.

By being able to turn down, or turn off, your radiators, convectors and fan heaters, you will reduce the impact of their drawbacks. What you need is a secondary source of heating, which is also floor heating, so you stay nice and warm.

RugBuddy under-rug heater with RCDThe RugBuddy under-rug heater meets this need.

Available in a range of sizes to suit most situations, you simply lay the RugBuddy on the floor, cover with a rug, and plug in. There's no messy installation, or special wiring or controls.

The RugBuddy warms the rug and the area around allowing you to turn down, or turn off, the main heating. Your feet and ankles will be warmer and air quality will be maintained. The risk of mould is reduced, and your heating bills will be lower. Compared with other electric portable heaters RugBuddy is very economical, costing only a few pence per hour to run.

As well as Katie, I know there are quite a few Rugbuddy customers who no longer dread Winter:

"When it’s really cold in the winter, I find the Rugbuddy keeps my feet warm and supplements the gas central heating, with high ceilings the floor is cold and the heat from the radiators rises.” Marjo (Bristol)

 “The rug buddy is installed under my desk in the office. During the winter months it has been brilliant and kept the office warm and cosy which it certainly wasn’t before.”  David (Taunton)

 “Just want to say how delighted we are with the Rugbuddy, almost makes me kind of look forward to winter!!  Only one draw back, could not get the dog off the rug and into the garden!!” Julie (Devon)