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I was pleased to get a call from Hugh St-Clair who pens the 'Home Help' page in The Lady magazine.

A reader had written in asking if there was a way to 'heat rugs'. They didn't want the expense and upheaval of lifting their stone floor to install underfloor heating. They wrote to Hugh wondering if there was an easy and affordable alternative.

Hugh had found out about RugBuddy and gave me a call to check out some facts. His reply to the reader's question was published in the 19th October 2018 edition of the magazine and you can read it below.

This is exactly what RugBuddy is for!

Nice mention for RugBuddy in The Lady magazine October 2018

RugBuddy in The Lady 19 October 2018Q:"Everyone is encouraging us to fit our cottage with underfloor heating when upgrading the central heating system. We would like underfloor heating under an original stone floor, but it will be prohibitively expensive to lift in order to lay pipes underneath. Can you heat rugs somehow?" RJ, email

A: "A company called Be Warmer (sic) sells the Rug Buddy - a heated mat that is a bit like an electric blanket - to fit under your rug. It comes in nine rectangular sizes. First measure your rug, then subtract about an inch all around to give you the size of the under-rug you need. The electric cord comes in one corner, and typically people place a sofa or chair between the rug and wall socket to cover it. The cost of a Rug Buddy ranges from £90 to £300, and costs around 5p an hour to run. The Rug Buddy does not come with a timer."