RugBuddy featured in The Homeworker magazine

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There's a new magazine aimed at freelancers and small home-business owners called The Homeworker.

Have you seen it?

It's beautifully produced and there's loads of interesting articles to read. In fact, it's so good that it has been shortlisted for 'Launch of the Year' by the British Society of Magazine Editors. Have a look at The Homeworker website here

I'm delighted that RugBuddy was featured in the Home Edit section of the latest issue.

To celebrate, we took out an ad highlighting the virtues of a RugBuddy for anyone who works from home (see right).

This is what we said:

Add some warmth to your work

Boost productivity with RugBuddy under-rug heating

A RugBuddy is a little like an electric blanket, designed to be placed under a rug. Available in many different sizes, it’s perfect for use under your home-working desk or office, bringing warmth exactly where you need it – right under your feet.

RugBuddy is a completely silent, invisible, personal workspace heater. It keeps your working environment fresh, clear and warm, with no stuffy air and no distractions. A RugBuddy will transform any area within 20 minutes of being plugged in and works on any floor type, so simply relax and enjoy the warmth. And at just a few pence per hour to run, it’s extremely economical too, helping reduce your home’s heating bills by only heating the rooms you use.

Bring a little warmth into your working day!

Are you comfortably warm when working? If not take a look at how a RugBuddy makes an excellent under-desk heater.