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How Cold Feet Sparked a Global Search

William at BeWarmerOctober 2016 – I work from home and used to dread the winter months. I didn’t want the central heating on as I was working from just one room. So I’d wear jumpers and fleeces but had nothing under my feet to keep me warm.

But within a few minutes of sitting down my feet would be cold and the warmth would slowly drain from me. Believe me, it’s hard to concentrate with cold feet. So I searched for a solution.

All the portable heaters on the market seemed to have drawbacks. They can be noisy, cause stuffy air, cost a fortune to run, or simply just not work very well. And they all get in the way taking up valuable floor space.

This caused me to scan the international market and I discovered a type of heater that had none of these drawbacks.

RugBuddy under-rug heaterA Heated Floor Mat Under My Feet

The under rug heater is spread out on the floor, covered with a rug, and plugged in. It is a type of heated floor mat that effectively gives you underfloor heating in the area of the rug.

Of the very few heaters of this type on the market, none is as reputable as the RugBuddy under rug heater with over 10 years of sales success in the US and South Africa.

I had to get one of these under my feet! And, if it worked for me, surely there would be a business opportunity to bring RugBuddy® to the UK?

There was only one way to find out. There were hurdles to overcome to make it suitable for the UK and European market. Finally, working closely with the manufacturer, I launched RugBuddy® in the UK late in 2013.

The RugBuddy under my feetIt works brilliantly for anyone who spends time in one room and doesn’t want to run the central heating during the day. Home office workers, like me, find it a god-send as an under desk heater.

But you can also use it as secondary heating in front of your favourite chair or sofa. Used like this, a RugBuddy® becomes your foot warmer and allows you to turn down the central heating thermostat and yet still be comfortably warm when you sit down.

Energy Saving Trust estimates you save £85 per year for every 1degC you turn down your central heating thermostat.  Some of my customers report turning down the thermostat by 3degC. You can see, with the RugBuddy® only costing a few pence per hour to run, they are making serious savings.

And many of us have hard-to-heat areas where a RugBuddy® is the ideal solution.  As a conservatory heater, in extensions, and dining rooms,  a RugBuddy® can discreetly hidden under a rug, ready to be switched on when the room is occupied.

Now, you too can benefit from the answer under my feet!