How much does underfloor heating cost to run?

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COLDBUSTER® is a most efficient system when installed correctly and will give many years of trouble free operation.

In practice there are several factors that will affect the running costs so it is impossible to give totally accurate figures.  Power consumption will depend on heat loss*, sensible heat management, and the correct capacity installed.

Given a typical installation in the UK, COLDBUSTER® floor heaters should consume around 8-9 kWh of electricity per day for each kilowatt of installed capacity.  Insulation greatly assists in reducing the operating costs of floor heating and you should plan to have the greatest amount of insulation below the heater element as possible so the all the heat generated is radiated upwards.

If you’re comparing costs with conventional gas central heating don’t forget to factor in:

  • cost of boiler servicing
  • cost of boiler replacement
  • radiant heat (underfloor heating) thermostat set lower for a given comfort level

*heat loss is itself determined by energy gradient and insulation values (for more information please read Home Heating Economy Tips)

When you’re considering a modern high efficiency boiler, some other facts to consider:
1) Average life time burning effeciency of boiler around 80%.  Distribution effeciency from boiler to a certain room around 90%. Pump running reduces system efficiency by 5%.
2) Central heating needs to heat the whole system, radiator mass and water content each time it switches on, even for a small heat requirement in 1 room only.
3) Lower room temperatures maintained reduces around 15% energy loss from rooms. It is known and documented to be around 7.5% per degree.  And radiant heat offers a superior comfort level at lower room tempertures than convection radiators.