What if the heating element gets damaged?

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KlimaGuardEach Coldbuster kit contains a KlimaGuard® installation monitor which will alert you to any damage to the element during installation or laying the floor covering. If the KlimaGuard® warning signal goes off, you should stop the installation and call for assistance.

The KlimaGuard® monitor offers a ‘continuous health check’ throughout installation and no-one should ever try laying a heater without it …ever!

The national chain of SPEEDHEAT® franchises have the equipment and the expertise to locate and repair damage quickly and efficiently.  PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE A CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE.  SpeedHeat can pinpoint a single damage to within a pin drop, and the specialized equipment and expertise applied is 99,999% success and repairs 100% secure and safe.

Please ensure you have some spare tiles or planks – in the event that a heating element is damaged, some of the floor covering may have to be lifted and replacements will be needed.