Do I need a Thermostat and Controller?

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Yes, you do.

While the clever design of the Coldbuster™ element means it is self-regulating – meaning its power usage drops off as the temperature increases, limiting the maximum temperatures achieved – a good quality thermostat and controller are essential.

Not only do sophisticated controls control comfort and minimise running costs, they pay for themselves quickly through energy savings.

We recommend programmable thermostats which change the temperature setpoint at different times of the day. With energy prices as they are, significant savings can be made through clever programming.

And if you’re saving money you are also saving on your carbon emission as the nation’s electricity generation capacity is still predominantly fossil-fuel based.

Note though, even when the generation is Green, it should not to be wasted as it will not be cheap in the future.

  • Invest now in insulation and a good and fast floor heating system.
  • Save with timers and sensors for as long as the home stands.

The future of control sophistication is unlimited to your imagination. But the system must be compatible. ColdBuster and all its B-Warmer products are future compatible.