How quickly does underfloor heating warm up?

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Because our system is really part of the floor construction, rather than ‘underfloor’, you’ll quickly feel the difference when the system comes on.  Our type of heating is also known as ‘surface heating’, ‘floor finishing heating’, or, in the US, ‘floor decor heating’. But how quickly does underfloor heating warm up?

How quickly does underfloor heating warm upIn practice there are a number of factors that will influence exactly how quickly you’ll get the comfort level you want including

  • thermostat setting
  • sub floor construction materials and insulation
  • rate of heat loss
  • the floor finish (tiles are the quickest to heat up)

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Conventional underfloor or in slab systems, both electric and wet (with a gas boiler), take up to 2 hours per degree C increase. That makes it very expensive to run as you need to leave them on 24/7 because you can not regulate the floor mass temperature.

Our system is on top of concrete and some on top of screed and insulation or underlay.  Temperature rise is up to 1 degree C per 2 minutes, or up to 60 times faster!!!  This means super controllability and the opportunity to have on/off with timers and energy saving.

How quickly does underfloor heating warm up depends on insulation under the heating and teh conductivity of the floor finish but optimizing all insulation aspects provides near instant natural radiant comfort.

Optimised BeWarmer heating means laminates warm from within 20 minutes, and ceramic tiles within 35 minutes. Thicker engineered woods within 50 minutes.

BeWarmer installation are just under the floor finish and don’t heat the concrete, or slab underneath. Instead the warmth is soon felt in the room above. All heating may be installed on top of as much insulation as you can fit.