New Conservatory Heating Extends the Season

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Conservatory HeatingAfter the dark winter days many people can’t wait to brush the cobwebs out of the conservatory and start enjoying a room bathed in light.  But conservatories are notoriously hard to heat and, without proper conservatory heating, it’s difficult to usefully extend the season you use it.

Conservatory heating

A great Spring trend is the RugBuddy™ under rug heater.  With a RugBuddy™ as your conservatory heater you can start using your conservatory much earlier than previous years.

A RugBuddy™ gives you that sophisticated underfloor heating feeling without the expense of an installed system.  In effect it is a heated floor mat but some people think of it as an electric blanket for the floor.

Put a RugBuddy™ where you spend your time and you can turn-down or turn-off the central heating, saving on bills.

The under-rug heater:

  • is hidden from view,
  • is economical,
  • leaves the air clear and un-stuffy,
  • is silent in use.

As it is a portable electric heater you can use RugBuddy not just in the conservatory but also to bring rapid warmth to little used rooms or cold spots in the house. It’s ideal for home office workers as an under desk heater, and for teenagers studying in their bedrooms in the evening. And if you’re in need of a foot warmer when you sit in your favourite chair, then the RugBuddy is for you.

Because they are efficient and hidden from view, the RugBuddy™ as a conservatory heater is set to become a huge ‘hidden’ interiors trend this year.

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