Where people use their RugBuddies

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I like to keep in touch with my customers and make sure they’re getting the best use from the RugBuddies.  And so I get to find out where they are using them, and there are quite a few applications I would never have thought of myself!

A RugBuddy in your Caravan?After a recent mailing I’ve compiled this list of RugBuddy placements outside of the home.  It’s probably not the ultimate list so let me know where you use, or plan to use, your RugBuddy.

RugBuddy Caravan InstallationYou’ll remember the RugBuddy instructions say the floor should be on a concrete base, and clearly this won’t apply to some of the examples above.  With a bit of commonsense this isn’t a problem providing extreme conditions are avoided, about which you can read more here .

The most important point in practical use is: DO NOT cover the heater with heavy insulating materials as that traps the heat. Makes sense.


Since first writing this post in May 2014, some other situations have been suggested (below).  Thank you to my correspondent!

Mosques..Prayer mat! ( bare foot and kneeling comfort). Prayer Buddy.
Pulpit..Priest, service leader, or lecturer..Pulpit Buddy.
Cashiers at tills. ( cold places at exits). .Cashier Buddy.
Reception counter ( hotel and restaurants) arrival areas.. Reception Buddy
Shops – walk in. Greengrocer etc, use behind counters.. Counter Buddy..Shop (keeper’s) Buddy.
Open Markets. ( foot warming icy pavements).. Market Buddy.
Offices. (lower central temperature adds productivity) .. Office Buddy.
Home office.(lower temperature, saves, added productivity).. Rug Buddy.
Libraries ( needs low temperature at head and warm feet) .. Study Buddy
Meditation rooms..( needs cool head and warm seat/feet).. Meditation Buddy.
Guard rooms ..( need to stay awake..cool..warm feet).. Guard Buddy.

And pets:
Pet warmer..Cat Buddy..Dog Buddy.. (under Laminate)
Reptile warmer..Reptile Buddy ( under vinyl or laminate)
Aquariums..Fish Buddy ( under glass)
Bird warmer..Bird Buddy ( under cage)

Seed Propagation.. Gardener Buddy. ( under seed trays)
Plant growing.. Gardener Buddy. ( under plant pots)

Note: RugBuddy may be used under click-lock laminate panels.