Does underfloor heating emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?

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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) exists all around us in the natural world but it is occurrence in man made equipment is something that needs special attention.

All types of electrical equipment give off EMR – including the computer or device you are using now – and manufacturers, quite rightly, go to great lengths to screen equipment.  This is because the dangers of EMR and the influence on our wellbeing have not been established, but as our nervous system and brain workings are based on electric signals, exposure to EMR should be understood and managed!

The Coldbuster™ heater elements are fully screened and emit such low EMR that it can only be detected with the most sensitive professional equipment.  Not all electric underfloor heating systems are created equal so be sure to check for EMR screening.

EMR facts:

  • EMR is a complex issue and health issues depend on exposure as well as frequency of waves. (Gamma, X ray, Ultra Violet, Visual light, Infra red, short wave, medium, Fm, etc).
  • It is not dangerous below Ultra Violet (UV), and in the low frequencies – though some don’t trust this ‘fact’
  • Radio signals are also all round and are not dangerous (purportedly)
  • The intensity and duration of exposure may affect one negatively, if exposed all day long (e.g. medical X rays)
  • Electricity is in the 50- 60 Hertz range, well below Infra Red (IR), and believed not dangerous.  However some claim health issues living in high dense electric environment.
  • EMR intensity reduces by the square of the distance from the source.

EMR can not be avoided but managed well is no issue to every day life and health.  Understandably people want to avoid ‘unknown’ risks which is why you may have heard the safety of sleeping with your head on a 50Hz electric blanket for 8 hours a night  being called into question.