In-flooring and On-flooring Heating

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A big trend for us at the moment in the heating business is giving people the underfloor heating they want without having to dig up the floors!

In-flooring and on-flooring heating

New in-flooring and on-flooring heating heating makes this possible.

For example, if you’re laying a new laminate floor, you can place  in-flooring laminate heating on top of the laminate underlay and then lay the laminate boards on top of that.

For stone and tiles, you embed the in-flooring tile heating in the tile cement as you lay the tiles.

So no more digging up floors and laying expensive screed which mucks up floor levels and also reduces the performance of the heating.

‘On-flooring’ heating is even easier. Whichever floor finish you have – carpet, laminate/wood, tiles/stone – you just put down an anti-slip rug underlay, place the on-flooring heater (a type of heated floor mat)on top, and cover with a rug.

This turns the rug into an ‘area heater’. Ideal in front of the sofa as a foot warmer, as an under desk heater, a conservatory heater, or under the kitchen table. In fact, anywhere where you spend your time and need a bit of extra warmth.

Some people call it ‘an electric blanket for the floor’ but it’s a lot more sophisticated and robust than that.  Please look around this website for more about in-flooring and on-flooring heating.