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You can visit your news-stand this November to read, in full, the Your Home magazine RugBuddy feature. Turn to page 128 ‘Eco News’.

This is what the Your Home RugBuddy feature says:


Much like an electric blanket for your floors, RugBuddy™ is a quick and convenient way to heat your home that allows you to turn down your central heating, saving energy and money. Just place the RugBuddy™ under a rug, plug in, and you’re ready to go. It’s perfect for if you spend most of your time in one area of your home as BeWarmer claims that you can turn down the thermostat by three degrees while the radiant heat from the RugBuddy™ will still keep you warm.”

Thanks to Your Home magazine for featuring RugBuddy. Click here:

Your Home RugBuddy Nov 15


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