World Mental Health Day 2019

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I was invited to write an article for the website to mark World Mental Health Day 2019 on 10th October.

Running a business like BeWarmer Ltd from home carries many of the same challenges that are faced by freelancers daily. I chose as my topic "7 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health and Well-being if You’re a Freelancer".

feeling cold working from homeWith World Mental Health Day coinciding with the start of Autumn's cooler weather in the UK, it is a good time to make sure you can stay comfortably warm while working. So, no surprises that I chose this as my first theme.

Most of us are lucky enough to have central heating. But if, like me, you work from one room then it is wasteful* to heat the rest of the home when it's unoccupied.

Having a RugBuddy under your desk or table is an economical way to stay warm and not have to worry about big bills.

Compared with other types of portable heater, RugBuddy is safe, silent, and healthy, and only costs a few pence per hour to run.

* There is a myth that it is better to keep the central heating on low rather than switching it off in the morning and back on again in the evening. Money Saving Expert has investigated and doesn't think this is true for most of us. Read the first Q. & A. on this page.  And if you're doing it for your pet's benefit, you'd better read this.

The other 6 ways outlined in the article are

2. Avoid yo-yo marketing - what happens if you only do marketing when you're not busy

3. Keep active while working - the link between activity and mental health, and the benefits of balance balls!

4. Get paid what you’re worth - it's not just your time. And what about adding a results related element?

5. Get paid on time - how your 'marketing heartbeat' gives you confidence to ditch uncooperative clients

6. Eat good food you prepare yourself - it's an activity in itself and I've linked to some lovely recipes

7. Manage your time to leave time for yourself - achieve this, and all the above become easy!

You can read the article here

If World Mental Health Day is important to you, please do get in touch.