Thermostat at 18C? 10 Ways to Stay Warm

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Lots of people will have tuned into The Martin Lewis Money Show 'Switching Special' this week about energy bills. Lot's of the audience admitted to setting the thermostat to 21C or even higher. Martin's off-the-cuff money saving tip was to "set the thermostat at 18C and wear a jumper"!

This got us thinking about our favourite top 10 tips for keeping warm and money saving with the thermostat at 18C.

Here they are:

1. Get a RugBuddy under-rug heater where you sit. The RugBuddy warms the rug and the surface of the rug radiates gentle warmth to your feet and body. You'll feel comfortably warm even if the air is cool.

2. Cure draughts. We've all heard of 'wind chill' in the weather forecast. It's a fact that air will cool you quicker if it is flowing past you. You've probably blocked off obvious things like the letter box and the chimney, but what about 3. below?

Convection draughts leave you with cold feet3. Avoid convection heating. Wall mounted radiators can be to blame here. They cause convection currents that lead to cold feet and ankles. Turning back the thermostat to 18C will reduce the convection currents and could actually make you feel warmer!

4. Don't sit for long if you can avoid it. Use those times when you're up from your chair to be active and get the blood flowing.

5. Spend more time upstairs if your thermostat is downstairs! Hot air rises, remember?

6. Plan how you might get comfort from using household appliances. Some 'low and slow' cooking when you're sitting in the kitchen may give off all the warmth you need, for a while at least.

7. Ask the cat to sit on your lap. (Other house-trained warm-blooded furry creatures are available.) I know cats have minds of their own but a cat on the lap is a wondrous and calming way to stay warm.

8. Don't drink alcohol which slows down the circulation. Hands and feet will feel the effects first. Warming food and drink is the way to go.

9. Let in the sunshine. If you're blessed with a sunny day make sure curtains and blinds are fully open to get the benefit of those rays. After all, they've travelled 93,000,000 miles and it seems rude to block them out before they can warm you up.

Steptoe10. Wear the jumper. This is Martin's favourite and may be all you need. If not, a warm hat, thick socks, and fingerless gloves, should guarantee total cosiness.


Your own way to stay warm with the thermostat at 18C? Let me know using the contact form.