We are now enjoying the new comfort of warm feet thanks to RugBuddy.


I’m very happy with the Rugbuddy.  It takes away the cold from my wooden floor and feels cosy on my feet. So glad I bought one.


The RugBuddy solves this and the Dog loves it too !!

Julie was just wonderful to come downstairs to a warm rug under the kitchen table.


Only one draw back, could not get the dog off the rug and into the garden!!


I suffered with cold feet because of the concrete floor. Rugbuddy has done away with this.


Your Rugbuddy is a fantastic product. We have one in our lounge and we’ve yet to turn our central heating on this Autumn.


I am 89 years old and wish I had heard about it before


My original RugBuddy is my very best friend during the cooler months and works like a dream in my garden office.


Fitted in motorhome  under carpet on insulated floor. It is great – no more cold feet in winter when on site electric.