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Did you know we now ship throughout the EU from a new satellite base in the Netherlands? Not only that, we've already had a review on!

There are good reasons to have an EU satellite base:

  • This means we - you! - avoid customs delays and duties to pay which may arise shipping to our EU customers from the UK.
  • EU customers will now get EU specification RugBuddies complete with Schuko 2-pin plugs.

(It's business as usual for UK customers who will continue to be served from the UK base with UK specification RugBuddies and FootBuddies.)

RugBuddy and Underlay bundleSatisfied customers throughout Europe know RugBuddy transforms a cold floor and can stay in place all year round without being visible or getting in the way.

Yet it's always ready to radiate gentle warmth at the flick of a switch. Perfect for those chilly days we all get wherever we are in Europe.

Read more about the RugBuddy under-rug heater here.

Already friends in Spain are celebrating the news and have published a review on the much-loved (no relation!) website.

You can read the EU RugBuddy under-rug heater review here

If you are an English-speaker visiting, moving to, or living in Spain then you will find an engaging read and useful resource of tips and 'whats on' guides.

The website has 1000s of pages covering general Spain information, news in English, tourism tips, relocation advice, Spanish recipes, reviews and general information, local business directory and much more besides.

Why not give it a try?

RugBuddy supports Work Wise Week

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Supporting Work Wise Week (Sun 13th May – Sat 19th May) is a natural for me as Smarter Working embraces flexible working from home. Many ‘at-home’ workers already rely on RugBuddy under desk heaters to create a comfortable and productive working environment.

Under Desk Under-rug Heater from RugBuddyIt makes sense that if you’re the only one at home, having the central heating on is a bit of a waste. Fine if you are flitting from room to room but if, like me, you find you spend a few hours at a time at your desk or table, heating those other rooms is pointless and expensive.

So the usual solution is a portable electric heater.

But traditional portable heaters aren’t that great. They clutter up the room, can be noisy, and are often expensive to run. Worse, they don’t really provide heat that is effective and comfortable. Fan heaters and convectors make the air stuffy and stir up dust, while an electric radiator is rarely effective unless you are actually touching it.

RugBuddy avoids all the drawbacks by being out of the way (under a rug), totally silent and healthy, and costing just pennies per hour to run.

It’s obvious you can’t concentrate when you are cold. The reason why so many at-home workers love their RugBuddy under-rug heater is that it puts warmth where they need it, under their feet, and allows them to work away even when the central heating is off. Better concentration means better productivity, and the work gets done more quickly and easily.

With National Work From Home Day (Friday 18th May) coming up at the end of Work Wise Week, Work Wise UK are aiming to promote modern “smarter” working practices. We’re doing our bit by helping people create the perfect at-home working environment easily and affordably.


Warfarin, poor circulation, cold feet

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As a non-medical person it was an eye-opener to me that a RugBuddy heated floor mat should be a godsend for people who are on Warfarin.

And I’m guessing this goes for people with poor circulation who often say their feet are cold.

I only found this out when Carol, from Nottinghamshire, kindly wrote in. This is what she said:






This RugBuddy Under Rug Heater is the perfect cure for cold feet if you take WarfarinI’d love to hear back from anyone who could add to this.

Whether on Warfarin, or with cold feet due to poor circulation, what’s your favourite foot warmer remedy?

You can read Carol’s testimonial, and many others, by going to RugBuddy Reviews.

Heating for your Villa or Holiday Home

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If you’re wondering how to introduce some heating for your villa or holiday home the RugBuddy may be the perfect solution.  Many villas abroad and holiday homes only have basic heating, or possibly no heating at all. The evenings can get chillyand you may even want to extend the season you use your home without the expense of installing a full central heating system.

Heating for your villa or holiday homeAs a portable form of secondary heating RugBuddy is an ideal heater for villas and holiday homes.  It’s noticeable that in recent months I’ve shipped RugBuddies to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey.

RugBuddies are not sold directly in these countries but I’m happy to quote for Parcelforce Global Priority shipping.  Of course, what many are doing is taking delivery at their UK address and then taking RugBuddy with them on their next visit.  This is not such as chore as it may sound as the typical RugBuddy only weighs around 3 kg and comes neatly packed in its box.

So, if you need a bit of area heating for your villa or holiday home in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey then the RugBuddy under rug heater is ideal.  Give me a call on the number at the top of the page and I’ll sort out a quote if you want the RugBuddy heater shipped to your villa or holiday home.

If you want to use your conservatory more but can’t heat it properly – here’s hope!

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Building a conservatory has long been a popular way to add an extra room.  Most love the natural light and feeling of airiness you get in even the smallest conservatory.  With no need for planning permission (usually), and a quick build time, costs are minimised making it more attractive still.

But the UK love affair with conservatories literally ‘cools’ when the weather takes a turn for the worse or the balmy summer day turns into a chilly evening.  The simple fact is that most conservatories have poor insulation properties.  Even with the best materials, the way conservatories are built mean that heat has many routes to escape.

So do we just accept we can’t use the conservatory all year round?  Not if we take advantage of what’s on offer at BeWarmer Ltd.

It’s no surprise that the smartest conservatories always have underfloor heating – there’s a good reason for this.  Having a heat source in the floor gives you warmth where you need it and because the floor radiates heat upwards your body absorbs this and you can be comfortably warm even if the air is cool.  Because retrofitting underfloor heating is not an option in most conservatories we have developed RugBuddy – a heater mat that sits on the floor which you then cover with a rug.

The heater conforms to all safety requirements for domestic appliances, is fitted with a standard 3 pin plug, and gives you that underfloor heating feeling without having to dig up the floor.

A common mistake is to extend the house central heating and have a radiator in the conservatory.  Radiators swirl warm air up to the roof and you’re left with cold feet and draughts at ankle level.  This turns out to be very wasteful of the energy used and it’s hard to get truly comfortable.  Also, as you might want to heat the conservatory when the house heating isn’t on, e.g. on a cool summer’s evening, it’s easy to see that a conventional radiator isn’t the best option.

In contrast the radiant heat you get from a RugBuddy under rug heater is more effective.  You can extend the season you use the conservatory and enjoy sitting long into the evening when in the past you would have retreated into the main part of the house.

On-demand heating offers greater efficiency to cut energy bills

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With energy costs going up in double digits year-on-year, help could be at hand in the form of on-demand heating which has the potential to save UK households hundreds of pounds on their heating bills each year.

While central heating may have suited the nuclear family of the 60’s and 70’s where the system would be off during the day while you were at work and the children at school, in today’s more flexible working and living arrangements, central heating can lead to inefficiencies and waste.

Our lifestyles have changed considerably since the introduction of central heating. More and more people today work from home, often from a single room, yet many heat the whole house to keep warm during the day. While older children, who tend to spend evenings in their bedrooms doing homework, or watching TV, want their bedroom to be as warm as the rest of the house. As a result of these changes the need for on-demand heating is growing.

We have an on-floor on demand under rug heater called RugBuddy to complement their in-floor DIY installations. The RugBuddy under rug heater is a solution for those that don’t have zoned in-floor or underfloor heating. It is the only one of its type available in the UK and has the potential to reduce peoples’ heating bills.

RugBuddy is a good example of on-demand heating. It provides a secondary source in the areas you need warmth and comfort most – in front of the sofa, under the home office desk, beside the bed, in the conservatory, under the kitchen table and so on – and it means you can usually turn the central heating down by up to 3 degrees and still feel comfortable. Each degree you turn the central heating down by saves at least £65 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust. This offers the potential for savings of around £200 per year .

According to energy regulator Ofgem many households face four-figure energy bills. On-demand heating can offer a solution as these households look for ways to reduce the cost.

A simple way to turn your heating down

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We’ve read today’s news story  that many households have the thermostat turned up 4 degrees hotter than in the 1970s.

Obviously they have chosen to ignore Ed Davey’s advice to ‘put on a jumper’ but they may be wondering why they still don’t feel that warm and cosy despite the higher temperatures and increasing energy bills.

Many of us have wall mounted radiators.  Despite the name, radiators tend to be convectors that heat the air as it is drawn through a series of vanes at the back.  The warm air rises to the ceiling and pushes across to the far side of the room where it cools and slips down to floor level.  It’s now drawn back across the floor to be warmed by the radiator and the cycle repeats.  These convection currents mean the warmest air is by the ceiling and the coolest air, and strongest draughts, are at floor level.

It’s easy to see that this is the exact reverse of what you want.  You feel most comfortable if you are out of draughts, with warm feet and ankles, and with your head in un-stuffy air.  Convector heaters fail to deliver any of these comfort factors.

So what to do?  If you’re into new build or major renovations then you can specify underfloor heating.  Leaving aside the relative merits of the different underfloor heating systems, the reason people find underfloor heating so wonderful is that it doesn’t create convection currents and draughts.  It provides the heat where you want it at floor level, and it doesn’t create over heated stuffy air.

If you’re not in the position of being able to re-lay your floors, then a great retrofit option is to have a few under rug heaters around the house in places where you spend the most time.  Popular in the US and other parts of the world, these have only now become available in the UK through BeWarmer Ltd.

Under rug heaters work the same way as electric underfloor heating but are a simple appliance that plugs directly into the wall.  You can have them anywhere you want; in front of the sofa, under the kitchen table, beside the bed, even in a conservatory.  You choose. All you need is an insulating underlay under the under rug heater, and then your own decorative rug on top.

With the warmth where you want it, you’ll then find you can usually turn down the thermostat on your central heating by a couple of degrees – and cut down on some of the draughts and overheated stuffy air at ceiling level too.

Read more on Saving on Energy Bills with RugBuddy

RugBuddy Under Rug Heater for Log Cabin

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Chris asked [quote]I have a log cabin 5m x 2.5m, what size heater would you recommend[/quote]


My answer:

You don’t say whether you have any other form of heating in the cabin.  Assuming not, when considering which RugBuddy Under Rug Heater for Log Cabin, the short answer is:  fit the largest that you can on your available floor space.

RugBuddy is designed as form of secondary heating but if your cabin is well insulated you may get away with relying purely on RugBuddy if you can cover most of the floor area.  Its output is 125 Watts/ m2 which compares with underfloor heating systems for laminate and wood floors rated at 110 W/m2

It’s OK to place tables or chairs on the rug, with the RugBuddy under it, but you don’t want anything on it that smothers it, e.g. a bean bag or mattress.

So if the size you describe is totally available, with just tables and chairs to position on top,  I would go for 3 of the 1.5 x 2.3m size and lay them side by side.  They’re each rated at 450 watts so shouldn’t overload your electrics, but you may want to check this first.

If not all the floor is availiable, or you have a primary source of heating, just choose a RugBuddy that will fit under a rug wher you spend most of your time – typically in front of your chair/ sofa.

Hope this helps!

Listen again to RugBuddy interview on Simon Mayo Drivetime Radio 2

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BBC Radio 2It was a frantic weekend fielding RugBuddy under rug heater enquiries from the lovely Radio 2 listeners who had heard me on Simon Mayo Drivetime on Friday.  Thank you everyone who got in touch.

If you missed the ‘Innovation’ interview you can listen again here.

Rebecca Pike has a regular Innovation feature each Friday evening at about 6.30 and this time RugBuddy was invited!  You can hear Simon Mayo introduce the item and Rebecca then describes what RugBuddy can do.

I’m there to answer her questions and we chat about how easy it is to use RugBuddy, how you can save money if you turn your main thermostat down, and how there was a significant technical hurdle to overcome before RugBuddy was proven safe for the UK market.  It’s this clever technology that makes RugBuddy unique and the only IEC (International Electrical Commission) approved under rug heater available on the market.

Simon Mayo Drivetime RugBuddy Success

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If you’ve just been on the RugBuddy under rug heater pages you’ll have seen that we are waiting for stock of the most popular sizes.  We’ve had an amazing response since I was invited to talk about RugBuddy on the Simon Mayo Radio 2 show on Friday 13th December.  The good news is that the new stock will be arriving  20/01/14

Thank you everyone who has contacted me with questions and their orders.  When the new stock arrives we will be working very hard to get the orders out as soon as we can.

If you’d like to be on the waiting list for the new batch, please order in the normal way on the RugBuddy product page.

If you’d rather not do this, but would like to be kept informed when the stock has arrived, please leave your email details in the form below and I’ll be in touch.

Thank you everyone


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