RugBuddy supports Work Wise Week

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Supporting Work Wise Week (Sun 13th May – Sat 19th May) is a natural for me as Smarter Working embraces flexible working from home. Many ‘at-home’ workers already rely on RugBuddy under desk heaters to create a comfortable and productive working environment.

Under Desk Under-rug Heater from RugBuddyIt makes sense that if you’re the only one at home, having the central heating on is a bit of a waste. Fine if you are flitting from room to room but if, like me, you find you spend a few hours at a time at your desk or table, heating those other rooms is pointless and expensive.

So the usual solution is a portable electric heater.

But traditional portable heaters aren’t that great. They clutter up the room, can be noisy, and are often expensive to run. Worse, they don’t really provide heat that is effective and comfortable. Fan heaters and convectors make the air stuffy and stir up dust, while an electric radiator is rarely effective unless you are actually touching it.

RugBuddy avoids all the drawbacks by being out of the way (under a rug), totally silent and healthy, and costing just pennies per hour to run.

It’s obvious you can’t concentrate when you are cold. The reason why so many at-home workers love their RugBuddy under-rug heater is that it puts warmth where they need it, under their feet, and allows them to work away even when the central heating is off. Better concentration means better productivity, and the work gets done more quickly and easily.

With National Work From Home Day (Friday 18th May) coming up at the end of Work Wise Week, Work Wise UK are aiming to promote modern “smarter” working practices. We’re doing our bit by helping people create the perfect at-home working environment easily and affordably.