Stay warm as you slash your heating bills:

Turns any rug into a cosy, luxurious floor heater …

… and pays for itself within months

RugBuddy Under-rug Heater ready for use.
Place the RugBuddy on top of the underlay, and under your rug
(As seen on ITV, Channel 5 and Radio 2.)

Want to slash your heating bills without going cold?

This marvellous new solution couldn’t be any simpler.

Just roll out RugBuddy and lay your rug on top. Switch on and instantly :

  • SAVE on heating: Running costs are typically 8 times less than ordinary fan heaters – an 87.5% saving. And many customers have turned down their thermostats, for up to £300 savings per year.

  • Banish bulky space heaters: As it's under your rug, RugBuddy takes up no space at all.

  • Relax with your 30 day, cast iron money back guarantee: If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your order, get all your money back – no questions or quibble. PLUS you enjoy double protection with your two year manufacturer’s warranty.

… all from just £134.

Yes! I want to slash my heating costs and stay toasty

“I had to prise the cat off the floor with a crowbar!”

Learn More About RugBuddy. Young Couple With Their Son Play on a Rug Warmed By A RugBuddy Under-rug Heater
Your new warm floor welcomes you!
RugBuddy’s warmth really is that inviting.

And it’s not only pets who notice the difference.

On Trustpilot, 93% give RugBuddy 5 stars. It scores an average 4.8/5 – with amazed comments like:

Brilliant company, brilliant product! It takes the chill off the air around me and keeps my body warmer, without drying the air out like central heating and at a fraction of the cost.”

- Cherri-ann Bones

“I now have two large rug buddies in two separate rooms. They’re unobtrusive under rugs and will add a noticeable warmth to a closed room. Even the largest uses slightly less than a quarter of an electric fire so can be kept on for four times as long for the same cost . If you have kids, it’s especially useful for giving them a warm floor to play on.”

- Paul Le May

The RugBuddy is as good as they said, even though its summer i use it on an evening when its cooled down and I'm sure it will get a lot of use over the winter, very happy.”

- Gary, Castleford

“My wife thought this was a gimmick, but I thought it was worth a try. Purchased some good thick underlay, fitted the RugBuddy between the underlay and our thick rug, and I now have a very happy wife! The rug buddy is amazing, it works incredibly well, gives off plenty of heat and is undoubtedly one of our top recent purchases . Great product.”

- Nathan Nelson

If I could give this product more stars I would. Our RugBuddys (we have two now - always a good sign) are wonderful. In a house without central heating it is so good to find a good quality, cheap to run product that heats you from the toes up.”

- Sarah Morant

You see why they’re all raving about RugBuddy.

Underfloor heating is, after all, the most economical and luxurious way to keep warm .

It’s clean and safe. No roasting hot radiators or fans blasting out allergens and dust. You enjoy an even temperature across your rug's heated surface.

And you’re in direct contact with that heat at all times.

Making floor heating dramatically more comfortable.

As the heat radiates upwards, you’re enclosed in a cosy, consistent warmth.

Of course, traditional underfloor heating is hideously expensive.

It involves ripping up your floors - a huge hassle.

And you have to leave it behind if you move. Until now …

Because at last, RugBuddy offers a cheap, easy alternative.

“It’s like having underfloor heating without having to dig up the foundations.” – Elle Draper,

And all for a fraction of the cost.

For example, the most popular RugBuddy costs £214. It’s a generous 1.25 X 1.6 metres.

Yet at only 250watts it consumes the same energy as a few old lightbulbs.

For many, these savings alone cover the cost within 12 months.

Yes! I want to slash my heating costs and stay toasty

As you’d expect, it’s completely safe.

RugBuddy’s robust element passes all IEC safety standards. Use it sensibly – following the instructions – and you can rest easy. RugBuddy self-regulates its temperature and it’s 100% waterproof, protected against spills.

What's more, it’s effortless to set up.

Simply roll out RugBuddy and lay your rug on top. Switch on and start saving up to £300 heating your home.

Work Well From Home With RugBuddy Under-rug Heating and FootBuddy Heated Foot Mats
Work well from home
Do you have a home office? Or any room you spend lots of time?

These are perfect places for RugBuddy.

Add a boost of warmth to whichever rooms you use most and turn your heating down elsewhere.

Within fifteen minutes, I was feeling marvellously cosy and comfortable at my desk, without that overbearing, sometimes oppressive heat generated by a fan heater.”

- Colin, Middlesex

“I bought two of these a little over a year ago – one for my office and one for my wife's. I wanted to do away with the noisy (and increasingly expensive) fan heater. Great people, great products, great experience .”

- Padraig Floyd

“It's like an electric blanket for the floor. I purchased for my garden office (well insulated but has 4 external walls) and this is the only heating I have on at the moment. I might need to pop a radiator on in the depths of winter, but I'm warm and cosy for minimal cost :).”

- Kate

According to Energy Saving Trust, turning down your thermostat 1 degree saves you 10% on your bills.

Many RugBuddy customers turn their thermostat down at least 3 degrees and save up to £300 every year.

Enjoy all of your home all year round

Use Your Conservatory More With RugBuddy Under-rug Heating
Enjoy your conservatory more
Are you frozen out of your favourite rooms?

Let RugBuddy welcome you back.

Underfloor heating is ideal for chilly rooms like conservatories.

Unlike radiators – which waste most of your money heating the ceiling – RugBuddy’s toasty warmth rises from underyour feet. Exactly where you need it most.

What a transformation to our otherwise-cold conservatory! Our RugBuddy has been especially great these last few weeks as the weather's getting colder, since it's meant we can spend time in there in the mornings and evenings again. We’ve got our conservatory back.”

- Liz Cox

“I’ve now had a my RugBuddy up and running for about 2 weeks and I am very pleased with it. I bought the largest size and I have it under a rug in a conservatory which has a concrete and tile floor and it has made a huge difference to the usability of the room .”

- Clare Morton

It transformed my child's playroom into a warm cosy place. Ground floor gets really cold in winter in our new house and just having heating on in the room does not help much. We love sitting on the floor/carpet now as it feels so pleasantly warm even on a really cold day, and we use playroom a lot more often now than we used to.”

- E. Jones

Stop nasty draughts instantly and for good

Warmth Without Draughts With RugBuddy Under-rug Heating
Warmth without draughts
Are you always cold, no matter how high you turn your thermostat?

That was Violette’s problem:

“We have floorboards and stone floors on a ground floor with a five meter ceiling, and have heated the space under the ceiling rather than our feet.”

Unfortunately, on their own, radiators make this problem worse.

As heat rises behind your radiator it sucks cooler air across your floors, creating draughts.

Finding a consistent, comfortable temperature is impossible. And with rising energy costs, the expense of heating this way is obscene.

Thankfully, RugBuddy’s heat radiates upwards. With a warmer floor, you can turn down your radiators and never feel colddraughts again.

What a transformation now! Not just the feet, the whole room feels warmer, and yes, we have the thermostat at least 3 degrees lower than before . Five stars and worth every penny! Thank you for changing our life!”

- Violette (London) October 2022

RugBuddy's an instant, easy way to keep your heating costs down .

So why spend another second with bulky, noisy, and inefficient heaters and radiators?

Try RugBuddy now and:

  • SAVE up to £300 on your energy bills
  • Lose no space as your heater’s hidden under your rug
  • Bask in radiant luxurious warmth - under your feet where you need it most

… all with your 30 day, cast-iron money back guarantee:

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your RugBuddy, get all your money back – no questions or quibble.

Don't forget you're also protected by your two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes! I want to slash my heating costs and stay toasty

“I use it in the evening, it takes about 15 minutes for the heat to come through, but the room is much more comfortable, cold draughts gone, just all over warm without turning up the central heating .”

- Linda

“I have wood floors & high ceilings & open plan living with a very long hall connecting all rooms with no radiators. Due to energy price hikes in winter, our family stood no chance. I bought RugBuddy to cover the entirety of one large room & not only is it better than advertised, better than expected & so professional with attention to detail. It heats immediately, so toasty warm, underlay available & recommended with order...I have covered our entire home apart from kitchen & bathroom. We are in a heatwave but instead of being anxious of bills now I am confident we will stay warm.”

- Sam Bachelor

“At a time with rising costs I found 2 RugBuddys useful in providing ambient heat. It meant I could turn the room stat on my central heating down while still ensuring I had a cosy home. Thank you RugBuddy .”

- Desiree Harper

“William at RugBuddy was friendly and helpful, and the product arrived quickly and is of high quality. The whole experience has been great from start to finish, couldn't ask for more .”

- Kev A.

“Just to say that I am about to repeat my order…because the RugBuddys we bought from you last Autumn have been brilliant and with the worry of how to keep warm this winter, I know a third one if just what we need.”

- Sarah, Gloucestershire

The sooner you join Linda, Sam, Desiree, Kev and Sarah, the more you save.

So please don’t delay.

If you have any questions, just call 0333 121 0160.

I pick up the phone personally and I’ll be delighted to help.

Or go here now to choose the right size for you.

Yes! I want to slash my heating costs and stay toasty

Try RugBuddy for yourself with the full protection of your 30 day, cast-iron money back guarantee AND two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Choose your RugBuddy right now while this is fresh on your mind.

Warmest regards,

William Haseldine
Founder, BeWarmer Ltd