RugBuddy survey results in!

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A typical end of season activity for me is to take a look back at customer feedback and see what we can improve for next year.

Part of my welcome to new customers is a short survey. I invite them to take the RugBuddy survey about 6 weeks after delivery when they have had a bit of time using their RugBuddy. I want to know how they are getting on.

RugBuddy surveyOne of the survey questions is "What 3 things do you like most about your RugBuddy?" There are no suggested answers, so the customers use their own words. This can be very revealing!

I've just done an analysis, grouping comments under various headings, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

There were just 2 suggestions for improvements: 'A longer lead' (it's 2.5m), and 'It could be warmer' (heat output at 120W/m2 is dictated by the need to conform to IEC tests, and is equivalent to installed underfloor heating). I'll ponder these a bit longer, but I believe we've got it about right.

The analysis also helps me understand which of RugBuddy's attributes are most valued.

Unsurprisingly for a heater, most comments relate to RugBuddy being 'Warm and Effective'. A massive 92% of respondents made positive comments relating to this.

But some of the other attributes - and selected customers' comments - may surprise you. Starting with 'Warm and Effective', here they are:

Warm and Effective - say 92% of respondents

"Early morning toastie feet while making coffee."

"I don’t go to bed with cold feet - previously unknown!"

"Constant heat for both feet and room"

"Seems to stop drafts from under couch"

"Makes a real difference to comfort of the whole room."

"Makes such a difference to the comfort in the room I use the most"

"The large sitting room feels so welcoming when people are seated, they never notice why they are warm. Never think about the cold on winter days when I’m working."

"My grandchildren are warm as toast playing on the floor"

"You can throw your clothes on top of it while you shower and they’re warm when you get out!"

"It keeps hubby’s feet warm"

Easy - say 33% of respondents

"It is so uncomplicated that even I can set it up and I’m no technician."

"Provides an easy way of using underfloor heating"

"Easy to use RCD is a welcome addition"

Cheap to Run - say 31% of respondents

"Low energy use. 80W but Works better than my 500w oil filled radiator."

"Cheaper than switching on an electric room heater."

Hidden - say 22% of respondents

"It's discreet"


"I appreciate the extra warmth without a bulky heater, which I have little room for in a small flat."

Main Heating on Less - say 18% of respondents

"We have been able to turn down the thermostat on our central heating (gas)."

"It warms at the right level. So I don’t turn up central heating. So partner who doesn’t like room hot (and also has cold feet) is happy too."

(To see what this might save you, go to Energy Saving Trust and scroll down to '7. Take control of your heating'. William)

Other attributes that were mentioned: Speed of Heating Up, Runs off Renewable Energy, Portable, Pets Like It, Safe, and the Service from BeWarmer Ltd.

Separate from the official RugBuddy survey, many customers write in with their Rugbuddy Reviews. And if you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me and I'll be pleased to help.