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All Surface Underlay – Highly Recommended

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Please note:
- Rug must overlap RugBuddy
- Underlay can be trimmed with scissors to suit rug. UK and EU underlays are different types, sizes, and quality.
- 'UK Only' items will be dispatched from our UK warehouse to UK addresses
- 'EU Only' items will be dispatched from our EU warehouse to EU addresses to avoid additional customs duties
PLEASE do not mix 'UK Only' and 'EU Only' items in a single order


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RugBuddy Sizing Calculator

RugBuddy Under Rug Heating Sizes and Prices

We aim to keep these sizes in stock to suit most rugs. (Running costs at 30p/kWh are shown in brackets – please check your Tariff.)

  • 50 x 100cm, (20 x 39 inches) 80Watts £134 (UK only) – (2.4p per hour)
  • 50 x 150cm, (20 x 59 ins) 90Watts £149 – (2.7p per hour)
  • 50 x 200cm, (20 x 79 ins) 120Watts £159 – (3.6p per hour)
  • 100 x 150cm, (39 x 59 inches) 180Watts £184 – (5.4p per hour)
  • 100 x 200cm, (39 x 79 inches) 250Watts £214 – (7.5p per hour)
  • 125 x 160cm, (49 x 63 inches) 250Watts £214 – (7.5p per hour)
  • 130 x 220cm, (51 x 87 inches) 350Watts £254 – (10.5p per hour)
  • 150 x 235cm, (59 x 91 inches) 450Watts £289 – (13.5p per hour)
  • 177 x 251cm, (70 x 99 inches) 600Watts £349 – (18.0p per hour)

Choose a size so your rug overlaps the RugBuddy by at least 2.5 – 5cm on each edge. This way all 4 sides of the rug will be directly in contact with the underlay, and  none of the Rugbuddy will be showing.

Make sure the underlay is the same size, or larger than your rug. The underlay is easy to trim with scissors to match your rug.

Idea!  For larger rugs, why not place two RugBuddies side-by-side?