RugBuddy Sizes News. Which Sizes Suit You?

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Have just had confirmation of RugBuddy sizes for your under rug heater.

RugBuddy SizesAfter an extensive survey of popular rug sizes in the UK the range will start with RugBuddy sizes of

  • 1.6 x 2.3m (5ft 3ins x 7ft 6ins)


  • 1.3 x 1.8m  (4ft 3ins x 5ft 10ins)


We estimate these two RugBuddy sizes will cover 80% of  people’s requirements.

The range wll be extended in time but the beauty of radiant heat is that you don’t need an exact fit under your rug.  In fact it is usual to have an overlap so there is no chance of the RugBuddy under rug heating peeking out from under the rug!

If you look at the image on the right, the RugBuddy size chosen allows the rug at least 150mm (6 inches) overlap over the heater.  When the rug is laid flat, the heater is hidden but anyone on, or close, to the rug will feel the beautiful radiant heat.  This is very elegant solution to warming seating areas as shown, but also work stations.

It’s the ideal retrofit for most rooms.  RugBuddy will

  • Extend the season you can use your conservatory
  • Give warmth to the sitting area in your living room
  • Make a poorly heated extension cosy and inviting
  • Give you the most welcoming hallway in the street!

UPDATE 13/12/13 Plenty of stock in all sizes now thanks! Go to RugBuddy product