RugBuddy Running Cost Calculator

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There’s a really handy tool you can use as your RugBuddy Running Cost Calculator at

To calculate the cost of running a RugBuddy over the course of a month, first you enter the ‘wattage’ of your RugBuddy – 250 Watts for the 1.25 x 1.6m RugBuddy, and 450 Watts for the larger 2.3 x 1.5m RugBuddy.  Then you fill in the boxes for the number of hours you expect to have the RugBuddy switched on, and, of course, the cost of electricity from your supplier.  The calculator then does it’s work and tells you what it will cost to run per month.

At a conservative 15p per kWh (kilowatt hour) at the time of writing, your RugBuddy won’t cost more than 4p per hour to run (small) or 7p per hour (large).

If you like to sit and relax by your rug each evening, and want to be warm and cosy without running your central heating flat out, 3 hours per night works out at between £3.60 and £6.30 per month.

For a homeworker like me with a small RugBuddy under the desk for 175 hours per month, the most it will cost is £6.50 per month (using the RugBuddy Running Cost Calculator).

So you can enjoy your RugBuddy without worrying about the bills!