RugBuddy Featured in Moneywise Magazine

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Here's a fun and practical guide to cutting your energy bills in this month's Moneywise magazine. And it features Rugbuddy as one of the star performers!

The guide's writer, the excellent Rebecca Goodman, points out the number-one way to save money on your bills is to switch energy company if you haven't done it for a while. She says the average savings amount to around £287 per year.

But there are lots of other things you can do easily around the home to reduce your bills.

As Rebecca explains in the guide, she has selected 10 ways to cut your energy bills and has estimated the savings:

  1. Fit foil behind your radiator - £40 a year
  2. Banish 'energy vampires' - switch off appliances left on standby - £30 a year
  3. Grab an extra jumper and socks and turn the thermostat down a degree - £75 a year
  4. Try a self-heating rug - get a Rugbuddy and turn the thermostat down a degree or two - £75 - £150 a year
  5. Put a sheep in your chimney - a wool bung will to stop your chimney sucking warm air from the house - £50 a year
  6. Wash your clothes on a cooler setting - from 40degC to 30degC - £13 a year
  7. Put clingfilm on your windows - £40 a year
  8. Change the way you cook - £36 a year
  9. Cut water and heating bills with a washing up bowl - £55 a year
  10. Keep warm with a DIY draught excluder - £20 a year

Why not grab a copy of the magazine? It has all the details of how to go about achieving these savings. I bought mine in WH Smiths but it is widely available.

moneywise under rug heater on screenOr you can read it online here


RugBuddy featured in Moneywise magazine
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