UK to EU Euro European adaptor White Plug 2 Pin


The plug adaptor you need to plug your RugBuddy into a European 2-pin Schuko socket.

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Your house, holiday apartment, chalet, or villa, is probably crying out for a RugBuddy® or two.

Those lovely cool floors are fabulous in the midday heat but can lose some of their appeal out of season, or on chilly evenings.

A RugBuddy under-rug heater is a heated floor mat you place under a rug. It provides a discreet and economical way to heat your villa, apartment, or holiday home.

Be sure to include a UK to EU 2-pin plug adapter with your order, so that your RugBuddy can be plugged in straightaway. Each RugBuddy has a UK 3-pin plug fitted as standard but the adapter means it is safe to use in any country with European Schuko 2-pin electricity sockets.