We need to be comfortable to concentrate on our work but long spells sat at the desk or workstation can leave us feeling chilled and distracted. If only there was an under desk heater, a bit like an electric blanket for the floor…

Why an Under Desk Heater?

A RugBuddy™ under desk heater (basically an under-rug heater under the desk) banishes the discomfort of cold feet and ankles, providing warmth under the feet and curbing floor level draughts.

Under Desk Heater

The RugBuddy™ is covered with a rug and you place your desk and office chair on top. Office chairs on castors are no problem for the robust RugBuddy™.

Complete with a 1.8 – 2.5m power cord, the RugBuddy™ under desk heater is a simple plug in solution for all office, or home-office, workers.

  • Comfortable radiant heat just where you need it
  • Hidden from view. No clutter
  • Save on bills. Turn-down, or turn-off, central heating
  • Self regulating. Safe, silent, healthy.

RugBuddy™ is simple to use with no installation costs* – just plug in and enjoy the warmth!

(*you need some sort underlay, or rug pad, under the RugBuddy – see RugBuddy FAQs)

Your purchase is covered by the RugBuddy 30 Day No-Quibble Explicit Guarantee and your payment is secure with Barclays Secure Transactions.

Delivery within 48 hours to most UK destinations.

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