NEW RugBuddy has arrived!

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We're excited to introduce the NEW RugBuddy! All sizes now in stock.

Under rug heatingNEW RugBuddy has some great additional features (see below) to aid ease of use,  and to ensure safety in the event of accidental damage.

If you've been patiently waiting to order and wondered why we never seem to have any stock, it's because we needed to clear the decks for the new model.

The good news is the new stock arrived yesterday, the website has been updated, and we're now ready to launch NEW RugBuddy on the world.

NEW RugBuddy features:

  1. The same comfortable heat output that has made the original RugBuddy such a success. Of course!
  2. New in-line RCD for RugBuddy under-rug heaterReversible design - so no label saying "This Side Up", like we used to have. Couple this with a corner mounted power cable and NEW RugBuddy is much easier to place conveniently, by turning or flipping over. The power cable remains a useful 2.5m long.
  3. Built-in RCD (Residual Current Device) protection. RCD protection is vital in case your RugBuddy is accidentally damaged. You no longer need a separate RCD plug adaptor if your house circuit is not already RCD protected. The built-in RCD is rated at 10mA, which is 3x more sensitive than standard protection, and has an easily accessible test button.
  4. With both sides of the NEW RugBuddy being the same silver metallic material, heat is distributed evenly across both surfaces.

When the RugBuddy is on, care should still be taken to avoid placing anything with a flat bottom (e.g. blanket chest, filing cabinet, box, mattress etc.) on the rug. As before, placing furniture with feet or legs on the rug is fine.

Click the link to go to the main RugBuddy page for more information.