Modern Work magazine reviews RugBuddy on a cold day!

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I was delighted to see that RugBuddy got a good write-up just before Christmas in Modern Work magazine.

IPSE - founder of Modern Work magazineModern Work magazine was founded by IPSE – the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed – an influential lobby group serving freelancers and homeworkers.

You can see the review published here:

RugBuddy working from homeThe weather's very mild as I write this but at least the reviewer had the sense to experience Rugbuddy on a cold day.....

She loved her RugBuddy despite commenting the RugBuddy sounded like crisp packets under her feet!

Happily, this is a temporary state of affairs. It only takes a few uses for the Rugbuddy to relax into its new surroundings. Indeed an Amazon customer recently wrote a 5-star review titled 'the crinkling goes away and leaves you gently warmed'.

Trying to stay warm working from home without racking up large central heating bills is a problem for many each winter. I know a lot of my customers are freelancers, homeworkers, and small business owners, who all have a keen eye on value for money and low running costs.

The solution is obvious - to me! - and I last visited the topic in this blog post last Spring.

Understanding what it is that makes us feel cold (rate of body heat loss to nearby cold surfaces), and the solution (warm the cold surfaces, especially the floor), is straight forward.  This post also explains why heating the air (which, let's face it, is what radiators and other heaters generally do) is actually a VERY BAD IDEA.

Why not give RugBuddy a try under your desk? You'll be amazed how comfortable it is and that you will be able to turn down, or even turn off, your other heating. And, of course, we operate a 30-day no quibble returns guarantee so you can try Rugbuddy risk free.

Freelancers and homeworkers all over the UK and Europe are discovering RugBuddy as the ideal under-desk heater. The Modern Work review is an honest appraisal of why this is.