The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and it deserves the best solution when it comes to heating.  Kitchen underfloor heating adds a dash of sophistication and comfort other systems can’t achieve.

Radiators are often impractical taking up wall space where you’d rather have a cupboard.  Not only that but the convected air from a radiator sets up air currents with the warm air moving across the ceiling…..  and out through your cooker hood or extractor fan!  No wonder it’s sometimes hard to feel warm in the kitchen.

Why Kitchen Underfloor Heating?

Kitchen Underfloor HeatingWith ceramic tiles a popular choice for kitchen floors, electric under floor heating makes perfect sense.

You only heat the available floor space – not under fitted units and appliances – so it’s economical to install and run.

On top of that, the individual programmer means you can control kitchen underfloor heating independently of your central heating, achieving even greater economy.

If you’re only in the kitchen in the evening between 6 and 8pm then you set the timer to suit, regardless of your central heating being on in the rest of the house until you go to bed.

You spend so much time on your feet in a  kitchen preparing food, or standing by the sink, having a warm floor aids comfort and reduces fatigue.

  • low profile* minimising floor height differences
  • a warm floor reduces fatigue
  • only on when you need it with programmable controls – separate from your central heating system

* no one has a more compact element

Choose Under Tile Heating Kit

TileWarm™ Kitchen Undefloor Heating kit from Coldbuster™

Available in various sizes from 2m2 to 10m2 available floor space. In larger kitchens 2 kits can be used with one thermostat – ask for details. See also our WoodBWarmer kits for under laminate and under wood heating.

Kit includes:

  • Element
  • Protective Mesh
  • KlimaGuard Installation Monitor
  • Installation Instructions and User Guide

Purchased separately

  • Thermostat
  • Floor sensor (optional – see guidance)


  • Unique Generation 4 co-axial element for flexibility and lowest profile possible
  • Self regulating for economy and safety
  • 100% earth screen
  • Best insulation materials for long life
  • International Electrical Committee (IEC) compliant
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • 160W/m2


Choose Under Tile Heating Kit

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