Heating your hallway in a 2 storey house can be a challenge, but the solution is easier than you may think with hallway underfloor heating.

Hallway Underfloor HeatingWall mounted radiators bring very little benefit as most of the convected warm air will waft up the stairs to the landing. This creates draughts and warms a part of the house that you’d like to keep at a cooler temperature!

And if you have a hard floor in your hallway – either ceramic tiles or wood/ laminate – it will be hard to make the space as welcoming as you’d like.

Why Hallway Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating can change all this. It gives off a gentle heat that leaves you feeling warm and doesn’t promote draughts.  Electric underfloor heating is ideal to place just beneath  ceramic tiles, laminate, or wood floors.

Electric underfloor heating gives off radiant heat and the source is where you need it most – low down under your feet. Because this such an efficient and comfortable way to heat your hallway you will set the thermostat a few degrees lower than you would with conventional central heating radiators thus reducing running costs.

Hallway underfloor heating gives you all this:

  • warm radiant heat under your feet
  • no space hogging, ugly, radiators
  • no draughts
  • zone controls putting you in charge

Choose Under Tile Heating Kit

Choose Under Laminate Heating Kit

Choose Under Wood Heating Kit

TileWarm™ or WoodBWarmer™ Hallway Underfloor Heating kits from Coldbuster™

Available in various sizes from 2m2 to 10m2 available floor space. In larger rooms 2 kits can be used with one thermostat – ask for details

Kit includes:

  • Element
  • Protective Mesh
  • KlimaGuard Installation Monitor
  • Installation Instructions and User Guide

Purchased separately

  • Thermostat
  • Floor sensor (optional – see guidance)


    • Unique Generation 4 co-axial element for flexibility and lowest profile possible
    • Self regulating for economy and safety
    • 100% earth screen
    • Best insulation materials for long life
    • International Electrical Committee (IEC) compliant
    • Lifetime guarantee


      • 160W/m2 TileWarm™
      • 110W/m2 WoodBWarmer™


A highly effective retro-fit to an poorly heated hallway is the highly effective RugBuddy™ under rug heating mat.  This simple device will make your hallway always welcoming.  Just roll out on the floor, cover with your favourite rug, and plug in.  No need to dig up the floor! The radiant heat quickly makes itself felt giving great comfort without draughts.

Choose A RugBuddy Size

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