FootBuddy All In One Heated Foot Mat

If RugBuddy doesn't suit you, have  a look at the FootBuddy all-in-one heated foot mat.

FootBuddy is manufactured to the highest standards meeting IEC specifications with full CE mark compliance for your peace of mind.

The FootBuddy all-in-one heated foot mat is simplicity itself to unpack and use straightaway.

Sitting with a heated foot mat will warm your feet, improving your circulation and comfort.

FootBuddy All In One Heated Foot Mat

FootBuddy Heated Foot Mat

FootBuddy heated foot mat for working from homeThe FootBuddy is sure to be a hit this winter as it uses the same brilliant technology as the much-loved RugBuddy under-rug heater.

FootBuddy is the only heated foot mat with:

  • a co-axial heater element. This means the element is 'earth screened' for safety AND electro-magnetic immunity
  • an RCD electrical safety device. This means the FootBuddy will be automatically isolated if accidentally damaged

FootBuddy meets all relevant IEC specifications for this type of device and is CE marked.

Sizes available (and running costs at 30p per kWhr):

  • 50 x 100 cm  80 Watts (2.4p per hour) - ideal to rest your feet on (UK and EU)
  • 50 x 150 cm 120 Watts (3.6p per hour)  - the extra width and warmth is a bonus if you have the space (UK only)

The FootBuddy is very robust and there is no problem with placing a chair on top assuming it’s on feet, legs, or castors. But please be aware that it is not that easy to wheel a chair on and off a FootBuddy. It’s fine if you can lift the chair slightly but you can’t easily scoot around as we all like to on our office chairs!

"Does what I hoped it would do. I always get cold feet when I'm sitting still at a desk all day and end up setting the room thermostat up to 26 degrees or so, as the floor area is always a lot colder, particularly in the shaded area under the desk. It means I end up with a very hot space, high heating costs and still sometimes have cold feet. The Foot Buddy gets the heat to exactly where I need it and not only makes my working much more comfortable but also means I can drop the room thermostat down to a much more reasonable 20 degrees or so and save a bit of money." Benjamin (Hampshire)

"I bought my FootBuddy all in one heated foot mat a couple of months ago and just this afternoon felt I needed it for the first time. I am really very pleased with it- it saved me from having to put the central heating on. It's a great product, and great that I can move it to different parts of my house when I need to." Anne (North Yorkshire)

"I have been so glad of my FootBuddy lately! There was me thinking I probably wouldn’t get to use it until next winter, but my central heating has broken down twice since I bought the FootBuddy. With only one other heater, me and my cats were able to stay warm with the added comfort of the FootBuddy." Kathryn (Cheshire)

"I'm so glad I found the Foot Buddy! When working from home I always get cold sitting for long periods of time, and I hate to put the central heating on heating rooms I am not using. The Foot Buddy fits perfectly under my desk, is discreet and easy to turn on and, most importantly, it warms quickly, keeping me cosy at my desk for hours! I couldn't recommend it more" Emily (Surrey)

Child using a FootBuddy Heated Foot Mat at his desk

FootBuddy Specifications

  • Same energy consumption as an old-style 80W light bulb (50 x 100cm FootBuddy)
  • Neutral carpet finish with overlocked edges
  • Plugs into standard UK 3-pin socket
  • Sizes: 50 x 100cm (80 Watts) (UK and EU). 50 x 150cm (120 Watts) (UK Only)
  • Power cable is 2.5m long (approx)
  • Power cable is fitted with an RCD safety device
  • 1 year product warranty

FootBuddy Certification