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The whole World has evolved being warmed by Infrared Heating – from the Sun, of course.

Despite being 93 million miles away we have all felt the warmth from the Sun’s rays at dawn, or when the clouds part.

So why not have this most naturalistic form of heating in your home by installing Far Infrared Heaters?

What is Far Infrared Heating?

The warmth we feel comes from the Far Infrared part of the spectrum.

Our heaters only emit the friendly Far Infrared feeling.  They do not emit the whole spectrum the Sun does and are completely safe.

In fact, Far Infrared is used in many medical therapies and is well know for its stimulating and healthy properties.

How does a Far Infrared Heater keep me warm?

When we ‘feel cold’, what we are experiencing is an uncomfortably high rate of heat loss from our body.

As heat flows from warm to cold, surrounding yourself with cold surfaces sets up a ‘temperature gradient’.  The colder the surfaces, the higher the rate of heat loss.

The Far Infrared spectrum is absorbed by our bodies, our clothes, and surfaces in the room.  This means a far infrared heater does 2 things:

·         It warms our body and clothes cancelling out the high rate of heat loss

·         It warms the other surfaces in the room*, reducing the temperature gradient

*A great benefit, avoiding condensation and the risk of harmful mould

Does the Far Infrared Heater warm the air in the room?

As other surfaces in the room become warmer, so will the air in the room.

Natural air movements mean the air will pass over these surfaces, and the air will pick up the warmth from this contact. This is a gradual process and takes time.

But you will still feel much warmer when the heater is on because of the effect described in the section above.

Think of it in this way: When you are outside on a cold day, and the sun comes out from behind a thick cloud, you feel instantly warmer. The air temperature hasn’t changed – you feel warmer because of the Far Infrared the Sun is emitting. Like flicking on a Far Infrared heater!

Isn't Electric Heating expensive?

Traditionally electric heating has been an expensive way to heat a home. Thick cables, storage heaters full of bricks or heavy oil, dedicated wiring circuits, all point to large energy bills.

But the type of modern heaters that BeWarmer sells are light weight and consume far less electricity*, plug in to the usual 3-pin socket, and give you near instant warmth on demand.

*typically less than 1kW

This means no lengthy warm up period or cooling down when you no longer need the heating on.  With independent heaters in each room you can operate according to ‘room by room heating’ principles, making further efficiencies.

Finally, installing electric heating now is a sound way to future-proof your home. With the Government’s commitment to Net Zero it is becoming clearer that renewable energy will be most readily available in the form of electricity.