Cost to run RugBuddy under rug heating

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I’m often asked what it costs to run RugBuddy under rug heating.  Like a lot of things in life the honest answer is ‘it depends’.

To answer the question fully is a bit complex because it depends on a number of factors including the insulation value of the floor.  So I usually give a simplified answer.

The Rugbuddies are rated at 125 Watts per Square Metre.  So the 1.2 x 1.7m is 250 Watts and 2.3 x 1.6m is 450 Watts.  These are nominal values but give you the idea that running costs are similar to switching on between 3 and 5 old style lightbulbs.

The unique feature of RugBuddy is that the element (a clever multistrand coaxial cable) is self regulating.  This means that as temperatures increase in consumes less power.

This is important as we cannot control the type of rug our customers will place over it.  Some rugs will have a high ‘tog’ value while others will be low.  We mustn’t risk overheating and so any form of heating that isn’t self regulating would be dangerous.  The self regulating element was the design breakthrough that made producing RugBuddy possible.

So, in practice, the cost to run RugBuddy under rug heating is less than the lightbulb equivalent as it is unlikely to be running at full power for long.  We recommend laying a low ‘tog’ rug over RugBuddy so that you can maximise the radiant heat but you can see that RugBuddy is tolerant of any type of rug.

We also recommend laying an insulating underlay beneath the RugBuddy.

To see the maximum a RugBuddy™ will cost to run, i.e. running at its rated output the whole time it is switched on, you can use the RugBuddy Running Cost Calculator.

Hope this helps!