Conservatories are a wonderful way to extend your home. They give you a space flooded with natural light and take you closer to the garden. Conservatory underfloor heating overcomes the drawbacks of other forms of heating and transforms the amount of time you’ll be able to spend enjoying the room throughout the seasons.

Ceramic tiles are a popular and practical choice for the floor finish. With one of our under tile heating kits, the tiles can be your primary source of heat too!

Why Conservatory Underfloor Heating?

Conservatory Underfloor HeatingConservatories will never be as well insulated as the rest of your home so it’s important to make sure the heating you put in works efficiently.  It’s no good having convection heaters as the warm air will rise out of reach only to cool down, and fall to floor level, creating an uncomfortable circulation of air.

Far better to have the source of heat beneath you radiating through the floor so the warmest air is at floor level.  No draughts, no cold feet!

You may have the option to extend your ‘wet’ central heating system to provide conservatory underfloor heating. But is this the best way?

Perhaps your system is already at full stretch and adding a new room may upset the balance.  Do you really want the conservatory heating on all the time the central heating is on?  Will the heating be as responsive as you want?

This last point is important as conservatories can heat up very quickly when the sun comes out.  The pipes for a ‘wet’ conservatory underfloor heating are set in a thick screed which takes time to transfer the heat put in to it.  In other words, it takes time to heat up and cool down.  It’s a bit like a horizontal storage radiator.  So if the sun comes out unexpectedly you’ll be opening doors and windows to waste the heat as the floor continues to radiate for some time.

Compare that situation with our electric underfloor heating which is set in the tile adhesive on top of insulation. The heating element effectively becomes part of the tiled floor finish and is controlled by the thermostat or a flick of a switch.  The response times are quick, giving you the control you need.

TileWarm™ under tile heating puts you in control of your conservatory underfloor heating:

  • high power compatible with ceramic tiles make heating your conservatory all year round a practical choice*
  • no need to extend your central heating system into the conservatory
  • no need for inefficient and uncomfortable convector heaters
  • only on when you need it – programmable controls,separate from your central heating system
  • fast response time means no wasted heat

*overall comfort levels will depend entirely on how well constructed and insulated your conservatory is – above and below ground.

Choose Under Tile Heating Kit

TileWarm™ Conservatory Underfloor Heating kit from Coldbuster™

Under Tile Heating KitAvailable in various sizes from 2m2 to 10m2 available floor space. In larger rooms 2 kits can be used with one thermostat – ask for details

Kit includes:

  • Element
  • Protective Mesh
  • KlimaGuard Installation Monitor
  • Installation Instructions and User Guide

Purchased separately

  • Thermostat
  • Floor sensor (optional – see guidance)


  • Unique Generation 4 co-axial element for flexibility and lowest profile possible
  • Self regulating for economy and safety
  • 100% earth screen
  • Best insulation materials for long life
  • International Electrical Committee (IEC) compliant
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • 160W/m2

Choose Under Tile Heating Kit



If you think installed Conservatory Underfloor Heating is the only way to go, there is a quick and easy option!
The RugBuddy™ under rug heating mat is a simple device which will hugely extend the season you can use the conservatory.

Just roll out on the floor, cover with your favourite rug, and plug in. The radiant heat quickly makes itself felt giving great comfort without draughts.

Choose A RugBuddy Size

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